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My Niece Is Trying To Steal My Husband To Be: Did She Kill My Sister Too?


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My Niece Is Trying To Steal My Husband To Be: Did She Kill My Sister Too?

Good evening,

Please help me share this. I am a 35 year old twin. My twin got married to a very rich man. He was a divorcee. His first wife is with their children in America. He is a business tycoon here in Nigeria with multi business branches in Africa. Their marriage was a blessing to us,he helped alot of my family members.

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However, my sister had a difficult pregnancy. Unfortunately, she passed on giving birth to her son. It was a sad one for us. I was single at the time and so I came in to help raise my sister’s child. My niece too was living in the big house with us. She is 19 years old.

My late sister’s husband mourned her and was really grateful I could help raise their son. I am identical twin so he always said it was like his wife is still alive in me. I took note of his interest in me but I did not want to encourage him so quickly because I wanted to honor my late sister.

But to be honest, I started to like him too. I just told myself…at least give him a year before you answer him. So, I lived in their house, on the other wing of the duplex with my niece who is studying to be a nurse. We all spent time in the master’s wing but sleep time was in the other wing.

The house is big and accommodated so many people. Chefs, Drivers, Cleaners, some relatives…etc. There was enough room in the mansion and the 4 BQs. After a while, like 7 months later, I started noticing that my late sister’s husband was not showing as much interest in me like he was initially.

I was a bit disappointed but I let it be….maybe its not meant to be. Until, my niece started acting funny. I actually started to hear rumor from domestic staff that she was spending the night in the master’s wing. I asked her…she said she was watching a series and the wifi in that wing was stronger than the one in ours.

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I told her to stop but she did not. I had to confront her again….to say if she does not stop, I will send her away from the mansion. This girl looked me in the eyes and said I cannot. I was like…what…she said I cannot do anything because Uncle (my sister’s husband) will not allow it.

I was dumbfounded….I warned her and said whatever you are thinking will not work and she said…she is pregnant for him. I looked at her in disbelief….shock overwhelmed me….my 19 year old niece is pregnant for my late sister’s husband….someone that I have feelings for?

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I queried her and slapped her…  I was mad with rage….I could not believe it. When he came back…I confronted him…why sleep with a little girl like my niece when its not up to a year your wife passed and you already asked me to marry you…he looked at me and was so sorry…he said he thought I was no longer interested and my niece was seriously flaunting herself around him.

That he always wanted to marry from our family cos he loves our family and he feels whoever he marries from my family will love my sister’s son and not maltreat him. I was dazed….and angry…angry at him for not waiting for me and angry at my niece for stealing him. Someone who’s father abandoned her and her siblings when they were little and different extended family members had to take each one of them to help raise them for their poor mother.

Now, he has said…he will marry me if I agree…he says he loves me more than my niece….that he will not marry her but take care of her and her child. I feel so upset about all these. What should I do now? My family is now involved…they want me to marry him cos if my niece was mean enough to seduce my late sister’s husband…we definitely don’t want her to be a step mother to her son.

And frankly…we do not want her to eat where she did not sow…she was someone we helped by bringing her to the house of our in-law…now she wants to take over? So, I am to marry him….but the drama that has been playing out is too much. And its all thanks to my niece…she is spewing trouble and making it hostile for him…

Now…he is saying he wants peace and if there is no peace…then no marriage….how do I happily marry when this little brat is pregnant for him and will always be in our lives? A 19 year old? Can I compete with her? She will always try to seduce him as long as she is in our lives as his baby mama.

I swear to God…evil thoughts of murdering her has crossed my mind but I wont…now, am thinking…maybe my sister’s death was not ordinary….this girl is evil…and God paid her back in full for evil…she had a premature baby at 6 and half months. The baby died a day after…she went about saying all sorts that we killed her baby.

God knows I had nothing to do with that but I am very sure…this was her payback for trying to steal what was not hers….so hoping that everything will be back to normal. But no…she was discharged and my fiancé (we got engaged) brought her back to the house again.

I asked him why…he says because she is depressed and he feels responsible for her loss…after all he is her dead baby’s father. I don’t know what he is playing…I am not suspecting he has feelings for her or this girl is still manipulating him…how do I get her out of our lives for good please?

Our traditional wedding is in Easter. But this witch of a girl is still around and I am so apprehensive…what will she do again…how long will she last…when my family tried to intervene…my fiancé said she is welcome to stay in his place as long as she wants to…I have asked him if he wants to marry her too…he said no…but he feels for her …being a young girl and having lost a baby so young…

Ma…to be honest….my biggest fear is…I think my fiancé is marrying me out of duty …to raise my sister’s son but  I think he loves my niece…he must be in love with her…I am 35 years…she is 20…he may see her as more attractive than me…or what else…otherwise…why insist she can stay in his house….or is this jazz or manipulation? Please what should I do? This girl is my problem…I need her out….please advise me.




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My Niece Is Trying To Steal My Husband To Be: Did She Kill My Sister Too?
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  1. This is very tough sister,but I feel you shouldn’t pressure yourself to marry this man…..do you really love him?its not just the little feelings you started catching……. That will hold a lifetime marriege,even you are not sure if he really loves you ,,, and love isn’t enough…..I feel he wants you because of his son……and your niece…..hmmmmm she has caught him high on bed coz he still wants to continue to enjoy what he has tasted ….if not why will he continue to accommodate her when he plans to marry you…..it means you have no right in that area which shows she carries a power over him ….maybe demonic….you may not be able to control this even if you get married ,right under your nose or outside your nose he will continue ……so now wat you need to do is pray and fast …if this man be for you let your niece not be a stumbling block …….let him peacefully allow her to go admist your relatives……doesn’t he have someone he listens to…..they can talk to him….but pray first ….prayer can move mountains…. This mountain is a small one.

  2. Bia this woman,must you marry the man?If you were to be your niece you would have done worse than her,nawaooo. Una no dey use eye see person wey get money,see wetin poverty dey cause.I pray you people don’t loose your lives in the process. Other wife dey abroad they enjoy una dey here they fight for money wey una no labour for tufiakwa umu wai

  3. This situation is too messy. I think you should stop all marriage arrangements for now.
    It is obvious this guy likes your niece and still wants her around. So what is your fate? Do you want to be in an unhappy marriage. This guy and your niece will make a fool of you right under your nose and you won’t have a say.
    Let the man choose who he wants between both of you. He can’t have you both.
    But in all sincerity, I think you should move out of that house and live your life. Don’t cage/ tie yourself up to a man. There are many more great guys out there, don’t think you are disadvantaged or not beautiful enough.
    If this guy loves you genuinely, he will look for you and do the right thing.
    Move out of that house, your nephew will be fine. You can get a nanny to take of him. You also need to live your life.

  4. My dear, you don’t need to marry your late sister’s husband all because he’s well to do. You mustn’t put yourself in so much emotional torture. He is a nice man so you said, and he would always remember your family for the sake of your late sister and his son, he can always support you and your family.
    You don’t need all this pain just to be married to him. Give him space, if he truly loves you he will come back to you. Give him time.

  5. Nawa oh. The at your family is dragging this man, a because money. You don’t have to be married to her husband to take care of your late sister’s son. Please do the right thing.

  6. You guys should let this man go from your family. Is it by force that he has to marry one of you? The situation is so messy and shameful too. I don’t think the man loves you. You might resemble his late wife but that niece has got him under her thumb and until whatever spell is broken, there will be trouble.


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