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Woman Seeks Divorce After 25 Years In UAE; Court Tells Her To Return To Husband


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Sharjah woman seeks divorce after 25 years of marriage; court tells her to return to husband’s house

The woman applied for divorce saying she just wanted to be free, stay with friends.

The Sharjah Sharia Court has turned down a divorce plea of an Arab woman in her 40s after she filed a divorce case against her husband to whom she has been married for 25 years.

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The court has ordered the woman to return “obediently” to her husband’s house and asked her to show respect to her husband and his family.

The judge also ordered the husband in his 50s, who used to give his wife Dh25,000 as monthly expense, to bring down the amount to Dh6,000.

As per court records, the case unfolded when the wife approached the court seeking divorce on the ground that she just wanted to be free, stay with her friends and travel widely,

The husband’s lawyer said that the husband showed great love for his wife and was taking good care of his family which lived in a villa. He was even paying his wife Dh25,000 monthly and had bought her a luxury car.

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But the wife said she wanted freedom and told the judge, “I cannot live with him anymore, and want a divorce.”

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The husband, in turn, told the court that he loved his wife and did not want to divorce her. He added that she (wife) was used to going out with friends without his knowledge but he did not object to it because he loved her. However, she was showing no respect to him.

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Based on the testimonies, the court rejected the wife’s divorce plea and ordered her to return to her husband’s house.

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