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My Ex Maybe The Only One That Can Change My Marriage Destiny-Pls Advise


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My Ex Maybe The Only One That Can Change My Marriage Destiny-Pls Advise


Pls your candid advice are needed,
Matured minds only.

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My ex boyfriend when I was single betrayed me and married someone else without my knowledge which I only saw their marriage invitation online. I did so much for him and even helped him with part of the money he traveled out with. That was 8 years ago, I really cried and wept my soul out and moved on. The truth is that I laid curses on him but I have forgiven him now.


He came home for Xmas with his wife and went to our house they told him I was married already so he collected address and visited me cos I was also in the village. He said he came to apologise to me with his wife for the wrong he did to me that he has gone so many places and he was told that the curses I laid on him is much and he should do something tangible for me if he will ever have a good home and bear children and enjoy long life. I prayed for him and told him I forgive him already. He left but since last week he has been calling me on phone, I gave him my number because we could become family friends. He is asking for my account number that he doesn’t like the condition of me and my husband he wants to send me money to rent a shop and I should also tell him the type of business I want to go into he will give me the money for it when I go back to my base.

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That he just want to help me and my family as he wasn’t fair to me after all I did for him. I discussed this with my husband, he got angry and started twisting it that I want to collect money from my boyfriend and ruin his life. I even told him my sister called and said my ex called her and was asking her if 5 million will be enough for me and my family that he was seeking her opinion still my husband doesn’t want to understand. My husband is not doing anything he is riding okada higher purchase for someone and me and I am not doing anything, I do house work for people and they pay me 8k monthly.

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I see this as God’s intervention but my husband said if I accept any help from him it will be the end of our marriage even my one daughter I have is at home, she is 4 years now but we can’t pay her fees and we live in a batcher. I am even typing with free mode. I am telling you all these so you can understand how much we are suffering. I don’t know if my husband enjoy suffering or is it wrong to accept help from the man. He is not asking me for anything even his wife is aware of all these because I spoke with her when he called even in the presence of my husband. We have nothing in secret.


I told his mother but she also didn’t help matters as she seconded what her son said. I am confused. I want good women in this forum to advice me, I am tired of suffering and that is the truth. I don’t want to tell you how my husband maltreats me which I see as frustration and believe if he has something reasonable he is doing all these will stop.

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  1. I think you should inform your Pastor or an elderly person your husband respects
    If he still insists on not collecting the offer, let him be
    The offer looks harmless but who knows.
    If I were in your shoes, humanly speaking I will accept it
    How can your daughter be 4 and not yet in school
    It might just be ego troubling your hubby

  2. Get your 5million, build a life and leave the man to sort out his ego. Start your life afresh, make judicious use of the money and ignore your husband. Be prepared for a life without him for some time. When you are successful, he will find you himself. Success has many friends, poverty has nobody. You are not in a fix at all. Bury your emotion and think like a (wo)man. It is well with you.

  3. Hmm mm..help will not come from heaven oo,God will send s1 there 2 help u…. Just pray over .. I think God has send him 2 pay u back all d lost u have gone throw in the past with him,better u used ur wisdom ..s1 is ready 2 help u nw. Poverty na bastard my dear sis… Wisely up

  4. Accept the 5million and ignore your husband after all you didn’t ask the guy for help. Is like your husband and poverty are 5 and 6. But invest the money wisely. You will be glad you did.

  5. Collect the money and let your husband do whatever he pleases. You have suffered so much and God is about to put a smile on your face, don’t let him or anyone hinder your blessings.
    And please, hasten up with your decisions cause time waits for no man.
    All the best.

  6. Nne you dey dull yaself oooo,God punish poverty. You better ask him to pay the money into your sister’s account,allow your child stay with her so that she can start going to school ooo,this simply means you are a millionaire ooooo. Abeg if any ex come my way this period with this offer,nna men I go grab with all of my heart,mind,and soul. Your husband needs deliverance from the spirit of poverty.

  7. Madam collect that money and learn a trade before using it. Pray over it too for it to prosper! Your husband’s ego is at play here and as for me, I’m not hearing any of it! Collect it now now!

  8. Your ex came to you by himself WITH HIS WIFE to ask for forgiveness and now wants to PAY YOU BACK for your investment into his life WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WIFE. What’s wrong with that, bikonu? Men and ego.
    Collect the money without his knowledge and leave it in your account for some time. Tell your ex not to call you again. Time will come when your husband’s eyes will clear and he will wish he collected the money. Still don’t tell him you did, then you lend him shikini small from the money and you gradually set yourself up with the money. You can pretend to borrow money and start a good business you know very well in a very low scale then gradually pump money into it. He wouldn’t know it’s the help he let ego make him refuse

  9. Hahah he could be like that because worse has happened to him. He wrote about how excited he was when a tea boy (or someone selling pakoras I don’t remember) asked for his books and he was very happy. Little did he know it was going to be used as waste paper !


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