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Help: My Girlfriend Wants To Break Up With Me Because Of My Looks


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Help: My Girlfriend Wants To Break Up With Me Because Of My Looks

Please keep me anonymous

I really need advice. I am this guy who has run so many things in this world(smoke, drink, jazz, s*x etc)

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But Allah found me and I became religious suddenly and many people see me as an extremist. I met this lady who is older than me through a referral for business and suddenly love thing started with us meanwhile I have been single for a while and so also is she.

We had lots of video calls conversation until I decided to go meet her in Lagos. We talked and few days later, she said yes and I was happy. Little did I know she didn’t attach emotions to the yes. She is 4 years older than me and I have a small stature that doesn’t align with my age. I guess i didn’t meet her expectations in height and body shape.

Then, we started the relationship based on likeness from her end hoping she will see the true love I have for her and things would change. Dec 25th came and I posted I can’t say Merry Xmas to anyone and she took it all out that I hate Christians (she is a Muslim) but have lots of Christian friends. She made me understand and I apologized. We moved on but conversation dropped then.

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The more the conversation reduces, the more I think negatively until recently I went to her in Lagos to say hello. And spend the weekend. She took work more important than relationship and I don’t care coz I was hoping things would change. Long story short, she told me God gave her what she wanted in a wrong body.

That statement for at me and I started think less of myself. I embarked on a huge project and it failed. I was so down and I started thinking of some harsh words she do say to me. I sent her a message that I am not sure I would be the kind of man coz the project was supposed to be what I will need to get a family set up with her at the end of day. She took it in a different way and I apologized I never meant breakup.

Since then, the conversation between us now went super down, though I was writing exams at that time. She traveled and she didn’t even bother to say hello. And that has been going on since the last incident happened. She doesn’t remember me until I call or chat her up. She reads messages and don’t reply. She airs me sometimes.

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I then saw some posts on IG one night that actually happens to be reflecting our relationship and I posted it with captions like Mogbe, this is so me etc. Which I know she will also see it. She called and I was unable to pick. But I knew she wanted to talk about it but that was the day I was writing my last paper.

Now we had a discussion yesterday, and I told her I am afraid, the energy isn’t the same, things are going sour daily. I just thought not some the words she always melt out to me. And I feel down like am I not capable enough to be a husband. She made me see my body stature as a bad thing which has never happened b4. I actually love this small stature. I love myself like this. She also once told me to get another girlfriend to give me attention etc all these words are harsh to me

I know she actually likes me but I want to really marry her. She do talk to my mum and once had conversations with my siblings. I use to think maybe these lady forgets things we always plan together. Kids, settling down, business and etc. Does these seems like I am joking with her.

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Not until I remove my heart out before she sees how true and genuine I am. I am fed up. She actually said we should take a break. It’s hard to do but I wanna try how not to talk to her or think about her for a while. Maybe she would even use the moment to think about what she want. She either accepts me like this or she move.

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Please, advice me in what to do. The age fears I didn’t have initially is started to grow. She wanted me to be harsh kind. A bad boy kinda relationship but I don’t want to. If that’s her fear for her to say I am fragile. I basically don’t want us to be creating issues out of no issues. It’s my decision to say I want to marry someone older than me and I know I can.

Emotions is killing me and it’s about to affect me mentally. I don’t even have appetite. I am shrinking daily affecting the little stature I have. Please I need advise on what to do


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Help: My Girlfriend Wants To Break Up With Me Because Of My Looks
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  1. She doesn’t want you sir,please let her be so she doesn’t frustrate you in marriage oooo.You are not her kind of man, so be patient God will bring your wife okay. It is well with you

  2. God made you just how he wants to see you,, love yourself more and be grateful to God for not going into this marriage yet……just be patient the right woman is out there who will embrace you and your weaknesses happily……. you are unique …..I want you to know that…..never loose yourself because of love….just like you’ve taken a break…train your heart to forget her….focus on you and Mrs right will come at the right time…….this life is just one,live it to the fullest …….

  3. You’re stressing yourself unnecessarily..she doesn’t want you so don’t force it..
    The woman that will treasure you and love you for who you are is waiting and I pray your path cross soon..don’t let anyone make you feel worthless..
    Best of luck

  4. Ogbeni this lady doesn’t love you can’t you see. Move on with your life. You will definitely meet who wants you, until then be safe. Wish you all the best


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