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My Fiancée Has Stopped Picking My Calls


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My Fiancée Has Stopped Picking My Calls


Good evening, Romancelanders. It’s quite a lengthy read, so bear with me.

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This lady and I have been dating for the past 4 years, and I am planning on making it official later this year, though Covid-19 made my finances quite complicated recently, but things are getting back in shape.

Recently, specifically over 2 weeks ago, she suddenly stopped picking my calls. Prior to that, we haven’t seen each other since September last year. She always comes up with one excuses or the other every weekend whenever I tell her to come over to my place or if I want to go over to her place to see her. I always have busy schedules during the midweek, so we usually have only weekends to see each other.

I have gone to see her mother and her siblings last year. They accepted me as a prospective in-law. The mum said she queried her daughter and she told her that I was the one she would like to spend the rest of her life with, hence the mum’s invitation. Her mum usually calls me from time to time, and I do talk to her, too.

Couple of days back, I had to call the mum to report her daughter to her regarding the uncharacteristic change in her daughter’s behaviour, and how, despite living in the same city, we haven’t seen each other in 4 months, and how she has refused picking my calls in more than 2 weeks.

She promised to talk to her and ask her what the problem was and get back to me. I waited for some couple of days, but when I didn’t see the mum’s call, I had to call her back. I had to ask her to give her daughter her phone so I could talk to her and ask her some salient questions regarding our relationship. She kept saying there is no problem and that I didn’t offend her, and our relationship is still standing strong. I asked if she was going through some personal issues that she could share with me and we might find a solution; she said she was perfectly okay. We settled our issues right there and then, and she promised to call back the second day.

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I waited for the second day and I did not see her call. I had no choice than to call her back. Ladies and gentlemen, this girl didn’t pick my calls. When she eventually picked after multiple missed calls, she was talking to someone else, while my airtime was burning out. I became enraged. I had to call the mum the second day to tell her I was no longer interested in the daughter, that she was probably seeing someone else, and she didn’t have the guts to tell me.

The mum swore that her daughter is not seeing someone else, as far as she knows, and that she hasn’t brought anyone to meet her. The mum is a Deeper Lifer, and from my interactions with her, she doesn’t condone two-timing. She promised to talk to her daughter, that maybe we should give ourselves more time, like taking a break for a couple of months.

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I am not usually this patient, and never condoned negligence and disregard in my previous relationships. However, this girl had been special to me, prior to her negligence. She was quite dedicated to me during the course of our 4-year-old relationship. She was never demanding, and was contented and altruistic, too. She helped me many times in the past, financially, whenever I was broke, and I always repaid her back, too. She was a wife material, and loved by my family as well.

The questions are;

1. Do I disregard the mum’s advice?

2. Do I still give this girl another chance after her blatant negligence?





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  1. I hate some nonsense, I wouldn’t even take this from anyone that I’m dating.
    Bros, ignore her big time. Block and delete her number. Don’t ever call her anymore and if she does call, just act as if you don’t care anymore.
    Start to build another friendship biko I’m not too harsh ooh.

    • Well it’s easy to say this but then, we love differently that’s why we are human, He should just pay her a visit instead of staying on phone calling and after that he can move on that’s all that matters.

  2. Go to her house on a day you know she will be available and talk to her. Tell her your plans and she should tell you what her plans are. Then you can decide to leave or wait.

  3. Hmmm. I guess she’s trying not the take the blame for the imminent breakup. She has found someone else and wants what you both had to either fizzle out, or get you frustrated enough to leave. In anyways, the narrative would be that you left her.

  4. I feel you should first see her and her response will determine if she’s still interested or not,maybe you did something unknowingly and she doesn’t know how to express her disappointment…talking it out will be the solution ,if she feels shes over you,just let her go…….

  5. Go see her and talk like tall like two matured adults. If she is still interested in the relationship let her show commitment but if she isn’t Oga move on with your life.


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