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Help!: My Short Temper is Gradually Destroying My Relationship With My Fiance


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Help: My Short Temper is Gradually Destroying My Relationship With My Fiance

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I have this strong habit of anger it’s uncontrollable and it’s controlling me I have tried to stop It maybe it’s part of me I don’t know I’ve come to hate myself for it because it has taken over me it’s also ruining my relationship i always talk to my partner carelessly all because of it.. it’s not intensional maybe it’s my life but it’s bad😔.

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AM blessed with a faithful young man we are getting married soon my attitude of anger is eating him up he complains of it whenever I start.. I unintentionally react over little thing, I get angry easily and later I regret my actions.. he keeps complaining over it thou he has been bearing it and hoping I will stop it but I think he’s getting tired of such attitude he complained that it’s getting out of hand because sometimes it makes me embarrass him in public, anytime, anywhere Everyone is complaining my mom and siblings av gotten used to me but my partner haven’t we are so in love with each Other I promised him that I will always hold myself mostly in public cos when someone else offens me after reacting to the person later I face him.

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AM hating myself for that but It’s my life cos i always try to control it but won’t always know when I loose it. whenever am angry my heart beats Even faster than my breath and my bad reactions follows immediately until it stops beating later, I regret.When I get angry at my partner I feel like tearing him apart like hurting him and when he notices that the beast in me has Rosen he avoids me when I get myself later I see myself crying, regretting my relationship is shaking but sometimes I ask myself if truly he loves me why can’t he take it and get use to it cos true love is for good and bad or does it mean he dnt love me?

Pls talk to me am confused 🙏 remember I said that It’s Not intentional maybe it’s my life… no insult pls no one is perfect



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  1. Please you have to really work on yourself, no human being in his or her right senses would want yo stay around one who gets angry easily. You need to always calm down,you can control it,it is a gradual thing, do not allow the devil to destroy you through anger,anger brings destruction, it can lead to killing a loved one ooo,the Lord will help you,amen.

  2. Madam, get a hold of yourself and stop saying this is me, nobody who want to live with a partner that will stress the hell out of them.
    Pls be intentional about your character, seek professional help too.
    Your family members are used to you because there is nothing they can do. After all, you are their blood but for someone who wants to make you his wife and you giving him a headache, hmmm! He is going to think twice.
    For every relationship, peace of mind is necessary too, cause love isn’t sufficient enough to keep it going.
    Get help before asap.

  3. I think you need medical help/ therapy. Please talk to professionals in those field.
    Also pray to God to help you.
    Don’t wait until something worse happens, deal with your anger issues now!!!!

  4. You need to seek serious and urgent medical help and professional help Asap before you commit murder. Get help first before talking of marriage cos you seriously need help psychologically and medically. Wish you all the best.

  5. Pray, ask the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal this hidden wound, that is causing anger. Counseling helps, but you have the best counselor inside. Unravel this before marriage. THIS IS A MUST


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