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My Ex Is Threatening To Show My Fiancée Our S*x Tape :Pls Advise


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My Ex Is Threatening To Show My Fiancée Our S*x Tape :Pls Advise

Women…they are such mysterious creatures and God knows they have always been the downfall of men right from the time of Adam and Eve. What can I say or do in this situation? Please read with open mind…I am not trying to condemn anyone cos I am not a saint but I need your advise cos I feel somehow about this.

So it goes like this: I am in a relationship with Soma (not real name) . We are actually engaged to be married in a couple of months. But last month, my ex girlfriend who got married to a Lebanese reached out to me that she and her husband are in SA for a two week business meeting and she would like to visit me during their stay.

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I was surprised she would suggest that cos she is married and I told her I was engaged too. She then said her husband would like to meet me cos he has heard so much about me and that I am investment expert. Her husband would like to do some business with me. I said alright.

When they came two week later, they invited me to their hotel suite a day later. I went there and met the husband and some guests they had. It looked like they were having a party of some sort…they were drinking and smoking. Truly, the husband is a business man and loves investing so we got talking and he was truly intrigued by the opportunities for investment that I presented to him.

We later got gisting and catching up on old times. As it got late, I noticed the party guests were getting alot more comfortable…maybe from the drinking and smoking…it began to get intimate and people were not even hiding it…my ex husband then asked me if I care to join him and his wife in s*x cos she has told him that I am the best s*x that ever had.

I declined to say that is not my style…I mean…having s*x with my ex and her husband…I do not even cheat with married women …that is a rule for me…not to talk of having a thre**some with a married woman and her husband. Like I said, I am not a saint…yes, I had a thr**some with my ex when we were together but I am done…I was young and stupid at the time…now…I am in a serious monogamous relationship that should lead to marriage in less than 6 months.

My ex came around and started touching me…telling me to relax. …much as I was tempted to because by this time, the alcohol had kicked in…I was semi drunk but I only could go as far as kissing her and then I forcefully freed myself from her and got up to leave. I could not believe what happened but the next day…she called me to explain and apologize…

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This woman explained that she and her husband have s*xual fantasies and having a thr**some with her ex and her husband has always been her fantasy. I told her, well…I am sorry but I wont be engaging in any s*xual activity with her and her husband. She said alright.

Only for her to show up at my house 3pm the next day. She came saying she wanted to apologize but soon as I let her inside my apartment, she came unto me and we had s*x in my living room. After a while, she said she was thirsty…I went to get her a drink…little did I know that she used that opportunity to plant a hidden camera.

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After she had some water …we went another round and she left. Only for her to send me a video of us doing it. She filmed us. And she was now using it to blackmail me…she wanted that threesome with me or she would leak our tape to my fiancée. She promised me $1,000 if I agreed to her proposal but if I rejected, she would show my fiancée our s*x tape.

I am in-between the devil and the deep blue sea…how do I get out of this devil of a woman and her husband…I am too in love with my fiancée…I cannot risk this tape coming out. I have begged and begged her to let it go but she is insisting…I know I was a dumb ass for letting myself go with her but she came really strong and seductive and I wish it never happened but it did.

Now, I am stuck…I have until tomorrow evening to accept their offer before she releases the video. At some point, I feel whatever happens…my fiancée will dump me cos if I don’t do what they are asking me…they will expose me and if I do what they want…they might still expose me…so what other options do I have?

I thought about going to the police to report but my ex said she will say we had a consensual affair and I did not tell her I had a girl and we agreed to make the s*x tape but she felt betrayed and released the tape when she found out I was going to dump her after having her.

I am really f*cked up…what should I do…this woman has got her fangs under my throat….it looks like I am done for….please advise.



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My Ex Is Threatening To Show My Fiancée Our S*x Tape :Pls Advise
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  1. serious issue at hand…..talk to your fiancee,let her know everything that happened,you may loose her,and you may not…..but I feel if you go ahead to do that threesome,they will likely record the video too….it seems shady….. but letting your woman know will free you of guilt…..I hope she understands.

  2. Tell your Fiancee, that is the only option I see here. Your Ex is a crazy person and you can’t predict her. Yes you made a grievous mistake but there is hope for you. I hope your Fiancee will forgive, even though it may take a while for her to do so, but whatever happens you will be fine.
    You can also talk to a lawyer to get more clarity.

  3. Don’t make a double mistake, confess to your fiancee before she finds out. Then report the woman to police Asap cos if she release the video it goes straight to set video site immediately.


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