HomeAdviceMy Past Mistake Is Threatening My Happiness And My Ex Future....

My Past Mistake Is Threatening My Happiness And My Ex Future….


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My Past Mistake Is Threatening My Happiness And My Ex Future….



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Kindly keep my identity.

Five years ago, my girlfriend got pregnant for me but I refused the pregnancy because I couldn’t shoulder the responsibility, secondly because I had found out 3month prior that she was cheating, she was sorry and we gave the relationship another go even though I wasn’t fully sure she was all mine, for this reason, I wasn’t sure if I was responsible for the pregnancy.

She aborted the baby eventually with severe complications and the doctor said her chances of having a baby is quite slim, she swore that I’d never have a child if I married someone else apart from her and my marriage will never know peace.

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I got married to some else a year later and 3weeks into my marriage, we had started resolving issues and till date we do not have kidds.

Funny thing is, I and my wife relocated to Abuja two years after my marriage, coinsidentally, my ex also relocated to same city. One thing led to another an we continued having an affair. Problem right now is not that I am childless or not having a better marriage, I seem to genuinely love her and the feeling is no doubt mutual. I don’t mind the rest of my life with her even if we are going to be childless forever. I feel guilty on both ends, I feel guilty that my wife may never have a child because of my error in the past and my girlfriend may also be childless and lonely the rest of her life because of me. If I stay in the marriage, I won’t know happiness the rest of my life. Please I need advice.

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The above is the story of a friend he shared with me in confidence and permitted me to share on the group to seek advice.




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  1. This is quite serious,if going back to your ex is better for you please go ahead and settle your wife accordingly. You have to make her understand everything oooo

  2. first of all I feel you are confused…..you need to cut off from your ex …..seek the face of God and plead for mercy……mistakes have already been made,but its never too late to make things right….you need to sit your wife down and let her know about your past mistakes…. and were it has lead you too……God will surely intervene and see you through

    sit your ex down and make her understand your mistakes and regrets for your past mistakes,let her know that you are deeply remorseful and if there’s anyway you can make it up to her apart from anything against the will of God ,you’ll do it…..compensate her if you have to…….but make her understand you have to cut off the relationship because its against the will of God…. please stay with your wife…..and God will surely visit you………but you have to hold onto God to help you through this…. he surely will.


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