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I’m Becoming Frustrated At A Young Age Be Of Wrong Choices I Made In My Relationship


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I’m Becoming Frustrated At A Young Age Be Of Wrong Choices I Made In My Relationship


Good evening Ma,

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please keep me anonymous thank you…I had a baby while i was still young and naive and i had to stay with the father I’m 24 now and my baby is 4 years old..While i was pregnant he wanted to pay my bride price but in my tradition it’s a taboo to do that when a woman is pregnant..We had to live together,,Ma I’m deeply in love with him,but he has serious anger issue and feels too entitled,he feels he knows it all even though he’s very smart and intelligent…For some years now i haven’t had peace of mind 😭

I’ve lost my sanity Aunty… see ehn I’m a very beautiful young girl,Smart, Tall, Intelligent i don’t want to name but i don’t know what love has turned me into I’m even feeling i have Bp my whole life is bored, I’m just existing…I made up my mind and went back to school at Yabatech,i forgot to mention we base in Lagos but i couldn’t continue its even a weekend class..He didn’t wanted me to go to school yet he feels after he had enough money i can go to school abroad as if he’s God that knows tomorrow.

I fought hard and gain admission less i forget we fought all the neighbours gathered he told everyone that cares to listen that i want to leave my baby and go to school,he made everyone see me as a bad person but as a woman if i talk now he even say he’ll see how I’ll gain admission since I’m not a Yoruba but i had it he was surprised.. After gaining admission whenever I’m going to school he’ll be angry, he can’t even hold my baby for me to go to school I’ll be looking for someone to hold my baby i couldn’t continue i had to dropout 😔😔 i put my life on hold for him..

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I was loosing my self i had to take a break after we went to stay with his family quarrel everyday,i had to go to my family and regain my sanity he’ll call to make sure I’m always indoor he doesn’t even want me to go out with friends,he just wants me to live on his own terms…I had to go back to him because after staying too long in my parent house and my younger ones where doing well to me because they had rich boyfriends and i was being disrespected i had to look for a job but after a while i had to come back to Lag since i came back my baby daddy has 🐝 saying we’re no longer together,how will i leave and go to my parents place without his concern,he just know my son and not me now my life is becoming miserable,,

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I’m staying with my brother now… I’m becoming frustrated at a young age.. I’m scared i don’t know how my heart is beating so fast…I just want to go back to school and start my life afresh…. Sorry for the long post i have to pour out my heart…Pls Advise

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  1. Nne the did has been done, but you still need to go back to school oooo. Get a job and enrol in any good part time school,you can leave your child with your parents or any good and affordable creche where you can afford oo,it is well with you.

  2. Someone dat is not yet your husband controlling u like that , I guess he is the jealous type .leave your child with your parents and continue schooling


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