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Help Am Scared Of Getting Married Again


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Help Am Scared Of Getting Married Again

I was married 4yrs back without knowing the man is mentally ill, everything happened just in a rush from our first meeting to the marriage its self just happens in 2months time and we just meet once face to face, the 2nd was during wedding time (it’s my qadr and I accept it wholeheartedly)
I was treated very badly by him I was beaten up many times he slap me in any misunderstanding I suffered alot in those 8months, before my parents got me separated from him after learning he is mentally unstable from his family, though he didn’t divorce me untill after I spent another 8months in my parents house saying he loves me he will not divorce me, my uncle threaten him of going to court before he handed the divorce paper to me.
now I really want to get married, but am very afraid of been married again I use to feel why would I go back to that terrible life but deep down I feel I want my own home, my own family, I want to see my own children
how can I overcome this please

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  1. There is hope for you sis,marriage is not as bad as you think,it is just that you got married to the wrong person. I am a testimony of good marriage, you too will testify someday. Peace be unto you

  2. don’t worry dear,,,this is just an experience which you have learnt lessons….. before you step into the next make sure God is leading you….be sure you know everything about him…… do not loose hope for love will find you.


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