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Why You Shouldn’t Lose Your Virginity To Premarital Sex Even If You’re A Sinner


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Why You Shouldn’t Lose Your Virginity To Premarital S3x Even If You’re A Sinner


It’s because it’s the only thing you could lose to the devil that you can never recover even if you repent and become saved. Therefore try not to lose it so that you don’t regret it when you eventually come to repentance and become saved like I did.

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It was a lesson i came to learn the hard way, because even while I was yet a sinner, I had a feeling that God was trying to prevent me from making that irreversible mistake after observing certain obvious indicators and patterns concerning my life. I was a kind of ladies man whom the ladies themselves even called a “lover boy”. And I had some womanizers as friends including my best friend who at the time who was known as a “bad boy” so to speak, that some even wondered what i was doing with such a person, a times warning me to cut off from him.

Yet for some strange reason, whenever I tried to have s3x, something somehow would just spoil it. The first girlfriend I had while I was still a teenager was fully willing to yield herself to me, and we were that close to having s3x. But somehow after attempting it once without succeeding, since she was still a virgin just as I was, I just lost interest all of a sudden as i stopped being attracted to her, and that usually happens after someone, especially males, have had s3xual intercourse with the opposite s3x, not beforehand.

I couldn’t really understand what went right then (not wrong), but not long after that the relationship was over, as i just didn’t feel like continuing with her even though It wasn’t because i had already “used” her as some would say since I hadn’t slept with her yet.

That wouldn’t deter me though, as i continued to try my luck, but that was how one thing or another would keep wrecking my plans, so when my friends would be speaking about their s3xual experiences and how sweet s3x was, I had none of such experiences to share which often leads some of them reproaching me.

Moreover i had a girlfriend at the time which my friends knew of, but I was still a virgin because she wasn’t willing to let me have that thing I so craved for at the time. She would allow everything else but not that. I tried everything I could because it was becoming embarrassing for me. How could i be the only one of all my friends who had a girlfriend that wouldn’t want her guy to have s3x with her “for crying out loud”!?

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So it soon became a matter of her letting me have s3x with her or we called it quits, because i thought there was no point in having a girlfriend and yet one wouldn’t be able to have s3x. That led to us splitting on several occasions especially for this reason.

At some point though it began to dawn on that God was behind such difficulties I was facing at the time to have s3x, because it just didn’t seem normal at all. But for some reason I didn’t take that seriously as I still kept pushing regardless.

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So yes, eventually i got to have what I so craved when the same girl finally succumbed, but It was over in just a few minutes, how many, i can’t remember now but that was it. My virginity had become history.

To be honest, it was quite disappointing to say the least, even though I feigned satisfaction, it didn’t really seem to be worth all the fuss. I was expecting for heaven to come down but it didn’t, lol. It seem I was actually the one that was brought right down back to Earth.

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That was how it finally happened though, but it wasn’t long afterwards that I repented and got saved. It was that close. And the way I started on that journey, it was as if I had been waiting for that moment my whole life, because I started like a house on fire.

It wasn’t long afterwards, that I began to walk at the level of the Spirit where it was all about God. A lot of things were happening at the time that made it very obvious that God was going to use me to a rare degree, and one area in that respect was that of addressing the issue of s3xual immorality.

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I soon realized though that my virginity was meant to be a part of that plan, as God intended to use it to His own glory. To serve as an example and to inspire many to do likewise. But unfortunately I no longer had that even though I was now saved, because I had already used it to the glory of the devil, and I came to realize that I could never get that back from him despite being saved.

It was then it became clearer to me why God had done all He could to prevent me from losing my virginity even while I was still a sinner, but since I wasn’t willing despite that it became glaring that He was behind the difficulty I encountered at the time, He had no choice but to leave me to my carnal desires.

And it wasn’t long before I got saved, It was that close. The fact that I couldn’t use it to the glory of God as it was meant to be despite that i was saved filled me with so much regret, even though i’m still going to be used mightily by God. And that is a regret I’m going to live with for the rest of my life.

It’s a regret that is going to be useful to keep me on my toes, since I couldn’t give that to God, it’s going to serve as a motivation to ensure that God loses nothing else in my life. It makes me feel indebted to God and to do everything I could to make it up to Him, so that even if I couldn’t use it to glorify God, I would do everything I could, God helping me, to ensure I do my part to help as many as possible that would have given their virginity to the devil to use it to glorify God.

Though it wouldn’t suffice for me, because I would rather have glorified God with my virginity as I believe God deserves everything, so to have deprived Him of that, is something I would ever regret.

I really wish that someone had shared this message with me while I was still a sinner, I know it would have been a very different story today, and i wouldn’t have such regret when I became saved, because I was that close.

That’s why I’m sharing this today for those who need to know this even though they’re yet living in sin, so that when they become saved, they don’t have the same regrets I have for not being able to glorify God with my virginity even though I’m now saved.
God bless.

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