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Her Destiny Was Obstructed By Val


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Who knew that the event of a single day would ruin the most promising life of a youth.
Everything was moving fine, she was doing so well in class, had time for her side business where she earns enough for her education and she was so passionate about her song (she writes and sings)
But after 14th Feb, life didn’t remain the same for her, she felt so frustrated and depressed that she committed suicide because she couldn’t face herself, her family, the society as she was overwhelmed by guilt, regrets and bitterness.
On the 1st of March she didn’t only tested positive to HIV, she also discovered she was pregnant.
The 14th Feb. Night party was supposed to be just a party but she took a little too much of alcohol in her ice-cream and lost her will power to fight back when some wild looking men would rape her in turns at the party venue. One of them had lured her to his car where the rest were waiting.
She couldn’t process the fact that she was pregnant for an unknown man and that she is now HIV positive. Thus she killed herself.
Who took her to the party? A casual friend who just wanted to flirt on Val’s day.
The one that will take you to party may have a good intention, what about those you’ll be meeting there?
The one who had no access to your body before shouldn’t because its Val’s day
The one you can’t go out with before because you haven’t known him enough, you still can’t because it is val’s day
Feb. 14 doesn’t make you available to someone you’ve not been available for.
God bless you
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