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My Fiancé Just Proposed To A Random Girl On Valentine’s Day-Pls Advise


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My Fiancé Just Proposed To A Random Girl On Valentine’s Day-Pls Advise

I am shaking as I write this. I feel like my whole world just got tumbled under me. I need to know that I am not dreaming cos I do not know how Jide (we choose to give a fake name) could be so cruel. I have no need to keep this anonymous…if you like…do whatever you like…just post this cos I want to expose this wickedness of a man called Jide.

Jide …my boyfriend of two and a half years of love and planning and praying decided to do the dumbest thing to hurt me: he proposed to a side chic or whatever a couple of hours ago…leaving me wondering if all of these is just a bad dream. I cannot even pick up my phone cos everyone is trying to call me to see if I am aware that the man of my dreams just put a bullet in my heart.

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No joke o….its still on his whatsapp status as I write this…he is engaged to this b*tch…oh my God…oh my God…what did I do to deserve this? Jide and I had a great relationship for two and a half years. Everyone knew he and I were together. We started planning our introduction and wedding this year. We have looked at wedding gowns and tuxedos online together…

We have checked wedding venues…I have been cutting pictures of wedding cakes, bridesmaids…everything in my file. I never knew this guy was planning evil for me. If anything, I was looking forward to today, being valentine to do some lovely things together.

Jide is my prayer partner…my soul mate…he is my everything…I only wish I was smarter. I only wish I saw this coming. Now, this same man that I have dreamed of spending the rest of my life with is posting pictures of his engagement with another chick on Instagram.

My story is messy…yes…I got fired from my job two weeks ago. My boss wife found me and my boss…you know…having s*x…I swear to God…this man is a randy cat. I started working there about a year now…and ever since he has been chasing me around and I have refused. I even told Jide about him…all Jide told me was be careful.

So, since then I been searching for another job. But 3 weeks ago, I made a mistake on my job. That mistake made us loose 3 million. My boss was going to fire me and hand me over the police. I went to beg him and landed myself in the lion’s den. He gave me an appointment to meet him in a hotel…I had no choice…I went and I think his driver told his wife about me cos two days later, this woman came to my desk and fired me immediately.

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I was ashamed and thought my word was actually ending. I got home and was in trauma for days. Jide couldn’t console me cos I couldn’t tell him what I did. He thought I was fired for the 3 million alone. Fear of him finding out from another person, I told him what really happened. I saw how I broke his heart but I expected him to understand that I was under pressure…I was scared of going to prison…

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Jide was really upset but friends intervened and we settled…or so I thought…I am still yet to recover from all that is going on in my life …and I wake up on Valentine’s day today…hoping to get a little cheer from the man I love…and only for me to see his WhatsApp status with the ring finger of another woman.

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I thought it was a joke…I called and called and called his line…for more than 30mins…no response. I later got a text from him saying…I figure you have seen my WhatsApp status….well, this is revenge for sleeping with your boss. I have sent him a thousand messages because he is still not picking my calls…no answer since then.

By now, everyone is calling me…texting me….Talia (not my real name)…what is going on and I have no freaking idea…this must be a prank but its been 5 hours later…Jide has now blocked me and no longer speaking to me.

The only person who has been able to give a little explanation is Jide’s sister. She said I should calm down…that Jide is only upset…that the proposal will not last as the family will not accept that…that they have known and come to love me like family. That Jide is hurt by my betrayal and maybe just wants to give me a taste of my own medicine.

Really? Did I cheat on him on purpose? I am still in trouble because I still have to find a way to pay the company 3 million…yet my boyfriend is so upset with me that he actually proposes to another girl? Does that make any sense? Isn’t this proof that he was cheating on me all these time? Abi…how do you propose to a random girl just like that? Who is this girl sef?

I know his sister said I should calm down but how am I going to be calm? Jide had dealt me a big blow….everyone on the internet is aware of this rubbish…how do we get past this…after all I did for him? After two and a half years…is this really over or am I dreaming? Will he actually marry that girl or will he actually come back to his senses and get back together?

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I am in deep shock and anger and sorry and I don’t know…advise me..I don’t know what else to do…



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My Fiancé Just Proposed To A Random Girl On Valentine's Day-Pls Advise
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  1. wow…..what a shock,but relax…..relax…relax….just be calm,you are traumatized from every angle,and you will need support from family and friends,I hope you have the circle of people to show you love and care in this period of pain….It was a wrong move for you to sleep with a married man your boss thinking your mistake will be cleared,but instead more troubles awaken……..please just first seek for God’s forgiveness….. and commit this present situation in his hands….all you need now is to do nothing about jide ……do absolutely nothing but pray….the more you will try to seek him….the more he will run from you….his broken too….and I’m not sure you will have him again,I’ll say don’t put hopes any longer on him,he seems to be the type that hardly forgives,and whether you get back together this scar will still hunt you and him ,I will say here like I said pray and let God lead in this…..get another job and face your problems with or without him.you can do this,don’t let people see you loose yourself to this…dust of every mistake you’ve made with serious intent to never repeat them again.be strong and courageous, be strong and courageous courageous, be strong and courageous.

  2. Nne just be calm okay,you have to put yourself together and think of the way forward. Get another job,save up and pay your former company their money,move on with your life Jide will come looking for you someday,yes I said so, just believe. Such is life but hope you have learnt lessons from your experiences which simply means you should not repeat them again .Jide just felt you will always cheat on him when you both are married but nothing spoil nne. It is well with you

  3. Please take a deep breathe and get yourself together. Maybe go offline, switch off your phone and cut off people that will try to rubb the wound in.
    Out of desperation, you did the wrong thing and it burnt you but what your boyfriend did was uncalled for. I think you should focus in yourself and leave your boyfriend to do whatever he likes. I can bet you he will still come back because two wrongs don’t make a right. See your boyfriends action as foolishnesses, he think he is hurting your alone, but he is also hurting himself.
    My sister, move on with your life. You can reach an agreement with your former company on a prepayment plan when you get another job.
    Pick your the pieces of your life and move on. If you need to change location, then do so.
    No one in this life is worth during for, you will get better people to replace them.
    Get closer to God and let him heal you and direct you.

  4. You fucked up big time but that doesn’t excuse your boyfriend for misbehaving. Dust yourself and move on with your life, I know is not easy but you can do it. Stop calling him you have done enough of that, Find a way to pay your debt. Relocate from that environment if it’s possible. But I put it to you this guy will look for you when he is more calm. Wish you all the best


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