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At 38years No Man To Call My Own! Am I Jinxed? I Need Your Prayer Support.


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At 38years No Man To Call My Own! Am I Jinxed? I Need Your Prayer Support.


good evening ma’am, pls Post and hide my I’d. I will be 38yrs by December, I have no male friend talk of suitor. is always unserious ones or married men, please I beg you people to please raise your voice to heaven on my behalf, for God to settle me this year with my own bone, I’m now an object of muckery to my own blood, no one wants to help me and start up a chemist shop I have been working for, any one that cares to help me will want to sleep with me, I don’t find favour in the hands of people.

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I have prayed, fasted, dry fast join, this last one now, I have fasted for 21days for God to deliver me from anything holding marriage, let God untile me let me go. all my younger sisters are married, my three brother’s are married, . And the worst part of it is that, I lost my little job am managing during the covid, till now, nothing give me joy again, even to make my hair or buy cream and soap is a problem, I don’t know what is going on, but I know that God answers prayers here, maybe God wants your prayers,.

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tell God to remove shame and reproach and give me a home from now to may, I will come and testify. sorry for the long post. thanks.


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  1. I feel your pains nne,the Lord shall see you through soon,please don’t give up,remain firm and hold on to God. Do not do otherwise,just be calm and see how God will turn things around for your good. He is too faithful to fail you or disappoint you,He knows all of your worries. I will keep praying for you dear poster,it is well with your soul, amen

  2. What you need is first self love. Love yourself irrespective of whatever situation you are in.
    Value yourself as important and precious .
    Secondly get a job. Even if it is a menial job like cleaning, nanny, maid etc. And while you at that job start planning a future for yourself like a career path, trade or skill.
    Thirdly get involved in church activities and functions.
    You are not curse buy blessed but you need to keep telling yourself that you are blessed. God has answered your prayers so all you need is to be thanking God for divine positioning.
    Finally, be full of joy, when your heart is full of joy, you glow, your beauty radiates, you are happier, people will love to be around you, your skin will shine, you will be more attractive.
    Being 38 is not a bad thing neither is being single a bad thing. Only the living can aspire to get married. My sister calm down and don’t burden your head with unnecessary stress, it can make you sick.

  3. My first advice for you is that you must change you confession, I hope you can understand that, you fast and pray but profess negative confessions that negate your prayers and hinders your answers
    You have to love yourself, believed you are not jinxed or disadvantaged that you are delayed because God is preparing the best for you. Your mindset, your perception has to change first and that can happen through your confession because I am sorry to say this, your mindset is damaged, you have allowed your situation to rob you of many things and I wonder how the man will locate you in this state of mind.
    You need to talk to a counselor or a pastor that can help you, take you through a process of mind transformation and that can also pray with you.
    It is well.

  4. My Dear Sister, I strongly believe your issue is spiritual which you may not even be the cause of the problem, pls see a powerful Christian, but be careful of false prophets, PLEASE sister MAKE SURE you see a powerful and GENUINE TRUTHFUL Christian that can pray to GOD and GOD will reveal the cause of this problem and solution to him or her. Pls take my advise seriously. You can go to Winners headquarters @ Ota, Ogum state, you will hear mindblowing testimonies. PLS TAKE MY ADVISE SERIOUSLY SISTER. I love you. GOD bless you.

  5. Your case I more spiritual than physical, why not locate a Bible Believing Church, then go to Mountain of Fire ministries headquarters if you stay around Lagos or ogun for deliverance. Winners Chapel is having Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough on Sunday you can join in any Winners Chapel around you. Wish you all the best.


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