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Dating A Married Man I Love And Need Advice


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Dating A Married Man I Love And Need Advice


I am a 25 year old girl and in a dilemma which has made me open an account on this platform to seek advice.

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I started dating a 38 year old married man 3 years ago.

When we met I knew he was married and his wife and two kids live in Canada and really didn’t want to be serious with the affair but as time went by this guy a gentleman that he is became so nice to me and showed me so much care and love and has been so committed to me as if I am his wife.

There is nothing I ask for in cash and material that he does not not give me just to see me happy as he also never ignored his family abroad.

He was always in touch with his wife and kids and obvious that he also loves them.

In summary,I fell in love with this guy and I am still in love with him that his relocation to his family to Canada has been so depressing for me that I cannot even feel anything for another man.

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Even while we he was still in Nigeria,I did what I could to kill d feeling I have for him by dating another guy I was also intimate with and even when he found out,he was very broken and he overlooked it and still continued with me as he said he had no right to judge me as a married man and we still continued the affair.

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Even after his relocation,he still keeps in touch with me regularly and even sends me money as he has always done and still shows concern for my welfare.

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He told me some days ago that while he won’t leave his marriage,he is very willing to marry me and sincerely that is my wish too but I feel so guilty and confused at d moment b’cos this is another woman”s husband but I just can’t stop loving him.

He is such a rare guy to find.
Not the money he gives me but that love and care is unique.

I have read books and articles on how to forget an ex but I just can’t stop loving him or forget him.

Please,I need advice in this regard
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  1. You better leave another woman’s husband alone and go look for your own man if not you are calling for the wrath of God upon yourself. You are just in love with the cash and material things he showers on you,you better desist and leave him alone,when his wife finds out about you that is when you will know that Kaki no be leather. Peace be unto you

  2. I don’t know why single ladies keep falling into this trap. You see a man that loves his family so much and can never joke with them and because he gives you small attention and he should leave his wife for you. Do you know what they have gone through together, maybe his wife sends the money he gives you self
    Who says there is no good guys out there? Lady is about what you choose to see.
    Married men will allow lots of ladies excesses because they know they didnt own u, it is a contract and once the contract expires they will move.
    Men don’t cheat because they hate their wives, they cheat most times to pass away time.
    And let me tell you, a man that is generally caring will Care for you, whether he dates you or not. So any good guy can do what he does, it is not out of this world.

    So wake up from your dreams because your ideal man is married to another woman.
    Get involve in your work or any activity you do, repent from your old ways, focus on your life and the right guy will come your way.

  3. I will unapologetically honest with you, you are WICKED AND GREEDY, you don’t love that man one bit, infact you hate you and you are pushing him faster to hell and perdition, I won’t take it easy on you @ll cos you are speeding into destruction, stop your excuses and deceit, you love the money and material things he gives you. Like I said you are WICKED AND GREEDY. I hope you drop your wickedness and do good, sleeping with a married person you arent married to is MURDER. Stop the deceit and pretense. I love you sister. GOD bless you.

  4. You are more than this Sis, leave this married man alone. Repent and ask God for forgiveness and your own man will locate you soonest. Wish you all the best…..


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