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I Am Having Pregnancy S*x Dreams But The Problem Is My Husband Is Not In The Dream-Pls Advise


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I Am Having Pregnancy S*x Dreams But The Problem Is My Husband Is Not In The Dream-Pls Advise

Good day madam,

Please hide my name. I am a 41 year old married woman, being married for 13 years without any issue, no child ever since…its been a long hard 13 years of marriage filled with pain, tears, struggling with infertility, infidelity because my husband began to cheat and a whole bunch of plenty things I cannot begin to describe here.

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So let me tell how how I became pregnant six months ago after 13 years of hell. After I endured everything I endured as a result of childlessness, I gave up trying and just tried to exist…I was not living…I was just existing. My husband would not let me adopt a child so I gave myself to caring for other peoples’ children in church, in our compound, etc.

My husband’s elder sister also had the same challenge, she was childless for almost 10 years until she gave birth two years ago to twins. We all congratulated her. She prayed my own will come soon. We all believed it was a miracle or IVF. I actually went to live with her for like 2 months to help her look after the twins.

During the twins second birthday last year, my husband’s elder sister saw the way I was looking at her twins and she pulled me aside to tell me her secret. She said she tried several IVF that failed until someone introduced her to a Fertility Spiritualist. I was like what is that…a prophet? She said no but he treats infertility using spiritual means.

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I told her I was not interested in doing any fetish and she promised me that all the man does is  fasting and prayers for 2 weeks and he will perform a spiritual surgery on a man and his wife and they will conceive as long as the woman is in her ovulation period. I told my husband and he agreed we try it.

So we travelled to Ebonyi to meet this fertility spiritualist. We paid him 400k. He runs like a big consulting hospital, many couples are there. They pray everyday and in the night, he takes the couple through some procedures…sometimes he will be carrying out spiritual treatment on the woman alone or the husband alone.

Three days to the end of our two weeks stay there, I was scheduled for spiritual surgery. I was prepped for the surgery. They gave me anesthesia. I was knocked out through out the process, When I woke up, I did not feel any pain. But when I went to ease myself, I discovered I was feeling wet between my ties.

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The nurse told me that I would feel that as they had carried out spiritual insemination of my husband’s sperm into me. I asked my husband if they took his sperm, he said yes. This routine was done for the next three days. I always woke up from the spiritual surgery with wet substance coming out of my vagina.

We were discharged from the clinic at the end of the two weeks and told to check in 3 months later. They blessed  water and some black herbs for us to take home and use daily. I got pregnant exactly 8 weeks later. My husband was beyond the moon. Everyone was shocked but we kept the pregnancy to only few family members.

I have been so happy and I cannot wait to meet my new baby. We have bought every baby item and we are so happy until three weeks ago. Since three weeks now, I have been having a very worrisome dream. I see myself having s*x with the Fertility Spiritualist. I wake up sweating and it looks so real.

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Initially I kept this to myself but now, I am getting super worried. Why am I sleeping with this man in my dreams? I am so afraid…I feel like he gave me his sperm spiritually or something otherwise….why is he making love to me every night. I could not hide it anymore. I told my husband and he said its my mind.

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We have been going for tests everyday. I am afraid something will happen to me or my baby…but the tests show baby is alright. I told my mother…she has been praying for me but I still have the same experience every night.

I need help…this is disturbing me…I actually hate sleeping now cos I don’t want to dream or see him in my dream…and lack of sleep is affecting me. I am suspecting this fertility specialist slept with me even though he took my husband’s sperm and did spiritual IVF. That must be the reason I am seeing him in my dreams.

How long will this continue? Will it stop? I told my sister in-law…she thinks I should relax my mind…that once I hold my baby in my hands…s*x dreams will be the last thing in my mind…she convinced me that its the pregnancy that is making me have s*x dream.

Should I be this worried or should I put my mind at ease? Every night…less than 3 hours of sleep…I have the same experience. What should I do? Please advise me.



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I Am Having Pregnancy S*x Dreams But The Problem Is My Husband Is Not In The Dream-Pls Advise
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  1. Have you asked your sister in-law if she experienced same?If not, then be calm and pray to your God. Pray for safe delivery as well,it is well with your family, amen.

  2. hmmmm this whole thing is fishy ,,,,why make u sleep before performing what they need to do….and u don’t know what they did……..I have a feeling u need to do a DNA after giving birth to the child, so you can be sure the herbealist didn’t sleep with u…..it just seems mysterious….. I feel u need deliverance ….please if you have to involve your pastor just do…….u have to pray yourself out of this ……..let God show u a way out and give u peace

  3. You need to open up to your spiritual leader/ pastor and let him/her counsel you. Separate yourself for praying and fasting( you can take fluid and break early, the most important thing is the heart) and God will guide you. This is very spiritual, don’t take it lightly!!!!. Your husband should also join you in the fasting program.


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