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Lady Dumpfounded After Meeting The Mystery Man She Has Been Chatting With…


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Young Lady dumpfounded after she was asked to pay for the Dinner she had with a guy on Val’s Day
on February 18, 2021

Dating or going on a date in other parts of the world is totally different from going on a date in Africa. African relationships can never work when the man is broke. This is the real fact- Samuel


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African relationships, unlike relationships outside the continent must be accompanied with money, attention, and time before even the word “Love”.
Many Nigerian girls and ladies grew with this mentality of “Money First before Love”  and also passing it to the younger generations and from the way things are going, this mentality will be passed to many generations yet to come,  thus making it extremely difficult for some of the ladies to quickly get married and settle down due to their general belief about money before Love.
A young lady who’s Facebook name is Yunike Karmila Dewi recently narrated her encounter with an Abuja based young man who she went on a lunch date with very recently, the weirdest thing about the whole thing was the way the young man acted during and after the lunch date.
She never expected what was to come.
The following is her write up:
“So there’s this guy I have been talking to for a while now. We haven’t had the chance to hang out because of my work, but when he calls me sometime ago and asks me if I will be free for dinner, I decide to make it happen.
So on the said day, he calls me up in the evening, asking if I am through with work. I tell him yes and give him description to where he is to pick me up.
Fifteen minutes later, he appears. With his sleek car, and his sleek look, and his sleek fragrance and his sleek persona. I am impressed as I have just seen him once when we exchanged numbers and I hadn’t gotten a good look at him.
He asks me where I would like to go and I say, anywhere. I really do not know so many places in Abuja. He smiles and says “okay, I have just the perfect place.”
Soon, he is driving into this building. The place looks exotic and chide myself for not going home to change first before hanging out.
He parks, tells me to hold on, comes to my side of the door and opens up for me. I preen inwardly, “my, my, such gentleman!”
He holds my hand and we step into this restaurant. The inside is so classy, I feel somehow out of my place with my work clothes and fatigued self.
Instead of leading me to the array of fanciful tables and chairs before us, he takes me through a stairway and we burst into this cozy, dimlit restaurant. Up here is even more exotic and I allow my eyes roam.
He asks me where I would love to sit and I tell him, “anywhere”……. again.
He laughs softly and leads me to the far end that seems secluded.
As we sit, he rummages through his trouser pockets, then leans close to me and says, “err, you will be the one paying for our dinner please. I am not with my wallet.”
I look at him like I’ve not heard him correctly, he has a somber look on his face.
“You said?” I say.
He smiles weakly, “will that be a problem? I have just only two thousand naira on me.”
I smile. I assume he is pulling my legs so I tell him that’s not a problem. He visibly seems relieved and signals to a waiter hovering around.
Dinner is awesome. He is a good conversationalist. We laugh, we make jest, we talk about serious stuff. Dinner is over and I am all smiles and satisfaction.
Then…… our waiter for the evening appears and hands over the bill to him. My date then does the unthinkable. He shakes his head and tells him to give me the bill.
I stare incredulously at him. My eyes says to him, “so you were serious?”
Many things begin to run through my head.
“What is this? Did I ever brag to this guy that I’m a ‘feminist’ and must take care of bills? Was I the one that suggested we hang out? If it was prawn soup that was hungrying me, won’t I have just gone to the market and prepared a pot full?”
But even as my thoughts threaten to consume me, I reach inside my purse and give my atm, while perusing the bill tab. The money is a bit much, but it is understandable considering the kind of restaurant it is.
Deep down, I am pained.
“What kind of yeye date is this?” I keep asking myself as he leads me through the exit. He hands over the two thousand naira and thanks me for helping out and I grunt a reply.
Soon, we get into his car and he says he doesn’t want to let me go yet.
Within me, I’m like, “oga, you’ve lost the privilege to want anything.”
But outside, I just smile and say it is fine. Because frankly, I need the drive around he suggested, too.
We resume our banter, and soon I feel free again. I tell myself that, it is just one dinner and some cash, money will always come. And I did really enjoy myself.
An hour later, he pulls up at the front of my house.
And in the darkness of the car, he turns to look at me and smiles, “did you have a good time?”
Sounds like a tricky question, but in all honesty, I know I had a good time.
So I say, “yes I did but next time do not forget your wallet. Thank God I was with my Atm or we would have been embarrassed.”
He smiles, then reaches behind me to rummage in his suit jacket placed on the back of his chair.
Then he brings out a wad of cash and hands it over.
I look at the cash, then at him, confused.
“What’s this?”
“I told you I wasn’t with my wallet in the restaurant. I forgot it in the car.”
All I can utter is, “oh really?”, then I collect the cash, thank him for the outing and step out of the car.
As I get inside my house, I count the money in my hand and I’m in for another shock. The money had felt heavy for the amount I spent, when he gave me in the car, but I had assumed it was in 200 naira notes.
Now inside the house, my mouth hangs open as I look at the cash in my hand. It is nearly five times more than what I had paid. All in one thousand naira notes.
I called him on the phone immediately.
“What did you do?” That was all I could ask.
He laughed softly,  “please manage it. Thank you once more for hanging out with me.”
Then it hit me that I had just passed a test.
Well played, mister, well played. I will never hang out with you again because I am not cut out for the ‘testing’ nonsense, but well played!
You make a good script writer and a fantastic actor.
Well played!”
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