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The internet does not forget; My bf is breaking up with me because of a tweet from 2013


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The internet does not forget, will you people ever learn?

I’m lost and don’t know what else to do? My bf is breaking up with me because of a tweet from 2013.

In the 9 months we’ve dated, he has given me more than my last 3 relationships combined, makes me feel wanted and secure, cares for me and is always pushing me to be more. He leaves his phone with me unpassworded and i’ve never had to suspect him of cheating in the early days of our relationship, I tried to set someone on him to see if he’d cheat, coz i was dealing with the issues from my last relationship, and he instead told me right away what was happening. I apologized, he forgave, and we

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moved on. On Sunday, someone in their workers’ group who he didn’t even know, shared my old tweet where i said i hoped to marry someone whose mom is late or would be taken by God soon after the wedding, so i can enjoy my hubby without the wahala of mother in-law. I honestly don’t know why i did that, and i’m the last person to wish anyone dead. He saw the thing, recognized my handle and called to break up. i could hear the horror in his voice and i can try to understand why. He’s an only child, he lost his dad years ago and his mom and 2 cousins are all he has left. Horribly enough, 3 months into our journey, he told me about his mom’s elder sister who was poisoned by his late cousin’s wife, and her family did everything to kill the case and take her out of the country. So basically, his mom, who i love very much, is all Folu & his 2 living cousins have. Mommy is an angel, and i’d never wish anything evil on her.

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I’m distraught, and I don’t know what else to do to beg him. I really love him, and I don’t want to lose the best i’ve ever had.




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  1. wat is meant to be will be if not don’t force it……make him understand you were wrong and because of certain experience that why you made such statement,

  2. Chaiii,this is so pathetic. Please you have to keep begging him oooo,with all the qualities this guy has ,you cannot afford to loose him just like that,please make him understand that you were naive and didn’t know anything then.I pray he forgives you soon

  3. Talk to God who owns the heart of men to soften his heart to hear you out and forgive you. Just keep apologizing, then also give him some time to assimilate everything. You will be OK at last. Wish you all the best

  4. That’s why you should always be careful with your post but keep pleading with him, try to make him understand that it was in the past and you don’t wish his mum or anyone death, hoping God will touch him.


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