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My Neighbor and Friend’s Wife Is Cheating


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My Neighbor and Friend’s Wife Is Cheating


Hi I’m going through a very difficult face at the mm.

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I own a 3bed room bungalow, my friend own one too but few plots away. We bought the land together about 8 years ago and we’ve been a very good Neighbor.

When my house got to roofing, this my friend gave me some money to complete it. Infact he’s my alpha and omega, we’ve been a very good friend from secondary school.

I don’t mind if he’s seeing this ,I really adore and appreciate our friendship but at the same time. I don’t want his marriage ruined becomes of me.

December 2018, my friend got a visa and travelled to the U.S.A, when he was leaving, I drove him to the airport, he told me to please take care of his wife and I should watch over her like my own wife but unfortunately, the lady has been giving me lots of altitude so I decided not to go check her any more when ever I am around.

To shorten the long story. I work in a company, I did go home mostly Monday’s to Wednesday, my works was mostly weekends but last week i was shifted to weekdays so I go home weekend now, I have been observing a young man and my friend’s wife sneaking in and out of their house.

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A woman sells provisions in our street, she told me about the guy few weeks ago, she said he always comes buy Hollandia yoghurt at night also said the first day the young man came to her shop, he came to buy a condom she has been wondering who the guy was.

Yesterday one of my co worker came around 7:30pm and I was in his tinted hilux, I saw the guy smooched my friend’s wife ass,she quickly removed his hands and they went inside ,the young man drove my friend’s car and they went inside

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With everything happening now it’s obvious the lady doesn’t care again. Because I don’t see a reason why she has to be fornicating and knowing we stay in the same street.
I am so heartbroken, my friend doesn’t deserve such wickedness. Right at the moment I don’t know what to do. I believe telling my friend isn’t the solution. Please I need advice And I’m available for any question and advice.

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  1. Pls tell him, is it until she gives him another man’s child that you will tell him, then why are you friends. Pls tell your friend, infact if you can get proofs. That lady is greedy and self centered, sex

  2. You have to be diplomatic when telling your friend about his wife’s nasty attitude, a married woman for that matter. Do not allow anyone tell you to mind your business in this case oooo. Tell him,he has to know,he needs to call the woman to order. She has to stop committing adultery.


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