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Help!!! How Do I Save My Fiancée From The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse By Her Uncle


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Help!!! How Do I Save My Fiancée From The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse By Her Uncle


I have a wonderful relationship with an amazing woman. She’s a complete spec of all I ever wanted in a woman. She’s extremely beautiful, kind, supportive… She doesn’t hesitate to buy me gifts even in her moment of lack.

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I’m convinced beyond all doubts that we’re SOULMATES. Our love story is very interesting and we’re truly in love. Time will fail me to discuss US in this thread.

However, we both agreed mutually to have s*x only after we’re married but she has a very ugly memory that’s hunting and hurting her emotions so much that we really need find a solution to it before it causes us a great damage.

MY FIANCÉE WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED AT A VERY TENDER AGE BY A RELATIVE WHO LIVED WITH THEM. She was molested uncountably by this monster of an Uncle who took advantage of her who found pleasure in defiling a primary school pupil.

I’ve tried so much to counsel her but somehow, I still believe she’s not totally free from that trauma. I was a victim of sexual abuse, as well but I found the courage to heal on time but my Fiancée is still battling with this horrible experience.

I hate to see my woman in pains cos I truly and genuinely love her.

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I Need help urgently on how best to help my woman heal from this ugly encounter. Please, anyone with practical experience should advise me on how to handle this situation and save my fiancée from this trauma.

Mods, kindly help me reach a wider audience.

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  1. It is well with her soul .Apart from seeing a therapist, she also needs to learn how to overcome her past experience though it is not easy. You have to always encourage, talk to her all the time,care more for her so that she doesn’t always remember it again, but nawaooo. It is well

  2. Aside from seeing a therapist, I know self healing only comes when the person is ready to heal.
    Let her write down her pains like a journal.
    Let her also write down confessions that she will speak to her life like daily affirmations.
    As she continually speaks these words into her life, she becomes what she has spoken.
    Words like ” I am healed physically, mentally and psychological. I know how to forgive and let go, it is well with me in my mind and soul. I am full of love. I know how to give and appreciate love…”
    Also spend time to pray together. Declare that the love of God overwhelms you such that you are able to love unconditionally.
    She will definitely recover.

  3. […] far the Initiative for Support of Victims of Sexual abuse, Orphans and Less privileged (ISSOL) and Equity Destitute, Child Right and Welfare initiative […]


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