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My Girlfriend Has Caused Me So Much Trouble: Will Our Relationship Work?


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My Girlfriend Has Caused Me So Much Trouble: Will Our Relationship Work?



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Please I need advise. There is this lady in my workplace. The first day I met her,I knew I fell for her. She is smart, intelligent and friendly. I see she is attractive and can easily get any man’s attention.

Not top long after, I heard the boss is dating her. Like the boss is married but he likes her alot. But that she has refused to date him. So to me,she is free…so I became friendly to her …just trying to get to know her first.

After some months,she and I became close. She was the first to kiss me. She said she liked me. So we started dating. I think my boss got to know and he didnt like it. I was then transferred to Jos . I think the transfer was to keep us apart.

Me and this lady stayed in touch but its not the same,so after a while,we kinda loose interest cos of the distance. I stayed in Jos for 2 years before I was transferred back to head office in Lagos.

When I returned, this lady said she  now has a boyfriend.  I said cool. But one day,she showed up at my place and we had s*x. So she said she cant stop thinking of me even when she is with her boyfriend. She want us to keep us a secret.

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Me,I like her alot so I agreed. We been secretly seeing each other for almost 4 months until I discovered that the boyfriend she was talking about is the boss. I was like why a married man,and she tells me he has been there for her since university…that she feels indebted to him.

But that she knows that he would have married her if not for the wife. I told her I want her to end things with him or I leave her but she begged me to give her until the end of the year …I said ok.

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December came and she did not break up with him. So I did. She has been begging me to give her a second chance. I said no..so she called me in January to say she broke up with him.

That made us come back together again. But the boss is not ready to let her go and he discovered its me anc her again so he asked HR to fire me. I lost my job cos of her. I feel so bitter but I wont let go without revenge.

My girl promised to help me get a job…So,I reach out to boss wife to tell her that her husband is having an affair. She called me and told me to meet her in a restaurant. On getting there,I poured my heart to her,thinking she will understand how my love is trapped with her husband.

Do you know this woman said she too want revenge and that the perfect revenge is for me and her to f*ck. I thought she is mad but she is serious. After thinking about it for two days,I called her back to say I agreed.

We planned it,f*ucked her every day and she told my girl about us. My girl went crazy and said she is ready to quit the job,if I will stop seeing boss wife. I told her no need,I just want revenge for loosing my job. I ended things with boss wife.

My girl truly resigned her job and is begging me everyday to work things out with me but I tell her that I am not sure cos boss wife tell me so many things about my girl. I feel she cant truly change….am no saint but dating a married man for over 7 years,how am I certain she will be totally faithful to me?

What do you think? Both of us are jobless now but am cool cos I know I will be fine but should I give her a chance or forget about her completely? The babe has brought nothing but trouble to me but she fine and I do love her …just not sure she will be 100% mine in future…

What say you?




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  1. Two wrong cant be right na,you shouldn’t have slept with your boss’s wife. If you know you still love her please continue but I know the relationship won’t last because you both now know your dirty secrets. It is well

  2. you yourself has said it “she has bought nothing but trouble” so u have your answer right there…… choose your peace of mind

  3. The only thing I can say is STOP FORNICATING. You are even sleeping with another man’s wife, and yet you say your girlfriend has brought trouble to you..no sir yourself have brought destruction upon yourself not just FORNICATING by fornicating with a married woman. I really pity you, im terribly sorry for you Man. GOD bless you.


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