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I Am Skeptical About Who The Father Of My Baby Is


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I Am Skeptical About Who The Father Of My Baby Is


Good evening and please can you post for me as an anonymous

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I dated my boyfriend for four years, and August last year we had an issue, which made me opted out of the relationship, cause i found out he cheated, in September i visited a friend who was trying to help me secure a job, one thing led to another, and we had a romance, but there was no penetration, as i was on my period, but i know he released on me.

my boyfriend kept recruiting family and those who know me to beg me, and i decided to pay him a visit, and by then my period had stopped, i stayed a week and i had unprotected s*x with him all through, the nxt month i missed my period, i told my boyfriend and he was happy, and ask me to keep it.

currently were married, and it been all good, but my problem is that once in a while i hv that fear of what if the Romance i had the previous week before visiting my now husband has anything to do with my pregnancy, this bothers me a lot, i even want to confess to my hubby about that mistake, but I’m scared it could ruin everything fr me, as there’s major probability this child is his,

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pls i need advice on what to do.

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  1. Aunty drink chilled drink and relax your mind, your husband is the father of that child.
    Don’t go and create an issue where there is none.

  2. Since you were on your period, the probability of you getting pregnant is very slim. Keep your calm and don’t share such secret. Just bury it in the past. If you still have doubts you can take your child and husband’s sample for a DNA test

  3. It’s funny how the three ladies that commented first said the baby is her husbands own. Confess to your husband now that is still fresh. I wonder why people these days can’t be honest.


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