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I Promised To Marry My Girlfriend With My Last Breathe But Failed Her-Girlfriend Reacts


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I Promised To Marry My Girlfriend With My Last Breathe But Failed Her-Girlfriend Reacts

Read Lanre’s story about his fiancée here.

Open Letter to Lanre:

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Dear Lanre. Just yesterday, my best friend, Koye (not real name) sent me a story link from lively stones.I have never heard of lively stones before until yesterday. What Koye said was that she read a story on the blog and she suspects the story is about me and Lanre. I told her it cannot be true but then she sent me the link.

After reading the story…I could not believe that not only is the story about me, you actually embarrassed me who has been nothing but loyal to you for more than 11 years…yes,right from university. You had the audacity to tell the whole world how I lost a pregnancy for you after you know that I am still hurting and healing from the loss.

Lanre…you are mad and God forsaken. What did I ever do to you to deserve this? I still did not believe this story was about me. So even when I sent the link to you, you tried to deny it but then, I went to see your cousin (I wont mention the name of the cousin)…who after much begging told me all you and your family have been hiding from me.

Since yesterday, I have been asking myself…what did I ever do to you to deserve this treatment from you….my mother and I slaved for you to be where you are now…because I believed that no matter what challenges you had…you were my God given husband. I know you are not perfect…yes…you have cheated on me several times but you always told me that I was special and the only one for me.

Well…clearly I was naïve and stupid for giving myself to someone like you that is nothing but a lying cheating bastard. I am not going to lie…I look like a fool to the whole world now…everyone probably laughing at me. I hope it makes you happy…no…I will not give you the satisfaction of crying or mourning how you confessed that you cheated on me, betrayed our years of friendship and love and dumped me in a story to a blog….

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What you deserve is no peace just the way you have scattered my peace of mind. When you were telling your story that I have always been loyal and asking you when we are getting married… you forgot to add that I have gotten at least 3 men coming for me at different times over these past five years but you Lanre convinced me to let them go.

That you and I are meant to be…no matter the challenge or distance. Why did you not let me marry them? You forgot to mention that me and my mother have been sending you money for two years when you were living with your cousin in US. You forgot to mention that when you told me eventually that you married a white girl for papers, you told me that it was just business, that the white girl is not in love with you, that she is a lesbian?

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Ah Lanre…I leave you to the many curses people who read this story have placed on you. You are right about one thing: I am young and I can find myself any ma to marry. I just want you to know that the only thing you succeeded in doing is wasting my time and ability to trust in true love.

And for your information, I will make sure that your white wife gets to know about me…I will show her our chats of how you said your marriage is only for green card…that you do not love her. I will tell her how you came to me in a hotel in the US and made love to me…after which I got pregnant and miscarried…thank God the pregnancy did not stay but I swear…you will pay for this.

No matter what you say or do…I, Obehi (not real name) will make sure your peace is seized from you for the rest of your miserable life. Nobody should cry for me or feel sad for me. I will be fine. But if Lanre does not openly apologize to me and my family…refund to the last dime of all me and my mother spent on him…I will go as far as possible to ensure he never has any peace…

Lastly…Lanre…never set foot in Benin city again…if you want to test me…then try me…




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I Promised To Marry My Girlfriend With My Last Breathe But Failed Her-Girlfriend Reacts
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  1. Now I understand the story. Dear Lanre, please pay up to the last dime asap. The deed has been done. I feel terrible for the poor girl. If people would be more sincere, all these would be avoided.

  2. You would be blessed with a better husband x100. Never too late to re-plan and re-strategize. Just don’t think about it or hold grudge on it. Give yourself time. Free your mind..

    I can’t imagine the betrayal and pain you are going through right now. But you would overcome. Remember to not hold the grudge in your heart. If not it would hold you back

  3. Dear poster nobody made a mockery of you we all were amazed and impressed by your level of loyalty, God in heaven will reward you because he is the rewarder of good deeds lastly, you are free to deal with him anyway it pleases you God will understand. Hugs and kisses from this end

  4. hmmmmm my dearest beloved sister….. one thing I said when he posted the story is same thing I will repeat….the level of betrayal this man has havocked into your precious life he cannot compensate you ……it is only God that will heal you…give you peace….and compensate you…leave him to God….. do not do anything to him…go silent and yield to God….. he is the only one that will avenge you…but once you do anything against God’s will hmmmm God will leave you to him…..focus on yourself

  5. My sister, I feel your pain honestly, lanre the peace and love that you seek shall be far from you. You are such a wicked soul.
    In my comment earlier I said this guy is a wicked soul to the core.
    What has this lady not done for you even her mother too, down to the point you told her not to marry the men that came for and you couldn’t keep your part of the bargain to come for her?
    Lanre, you don’t deserve love and peace.
    Please, pay her all she and her mother has ever given to you. You and your family are selfish people. Nonsense
    Babe, I pray that God heals your heart and compensates you duly. May you find true love effortlessly and give you a happy home in no time. Amen.
    Sending you love ❤️ and light dear.

  6. Oga abeg pay her all her money to the last kobo..lanre is a very heartless man I said it this is pure wickedness. So other men came for her but you asked her to chase them away while you were in US having a white girl with you. I said it in my last comment no amount of money lanre can pay that will compensate her. Dear sis so sorry about this pls move on with your life and let God judge him. Definitely a day will come when he would regret his actions but by then it would be too late for him…very wicked and heartless man


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