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Sexual History!


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S*xual History!


A man or woman’s s*xual history can be checked. In the same vein, Bank shows you list of inward and outward transactions in your transaction history.

A man’s s*xual history shows the number of women he has had s*x or romance with.

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A woman’s s*xual history also shows the number of men she has had s*x or romance with.

A Virgin s*xual history is blank because he or she has not had s*x or romance with anyone.

Your s*xual history has a lot to do with how faithful you will be s*xually in marriage. Infidelity is not by mistake.


Most men and women who commits premarital s*x does not have blank s*xual history and such may never be faithful to their wife or husband in marriage.

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A man who has had s*x with minimum of ten ladies while he was single, he has seen different styles and actions, how will he be able to stay with a woman all in the name of marriage without having extramarital s*x? Very difficult!


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A lady who has slept with men who can last 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes and eventually married a man who can’t last ten minutes, how will she not cheat?

Every cheating acts can be traced to s*xual history.


Every s*xual addictions can be traced to someone’s s*xual history.

Some ladies have been raped and this led them to masturbation and pornography, which must be properly treated before such get married, else such will continue to masturbate in marriage. Marriage doesn’t cure masturbation. I have guided into freedom many married men or women who masturbates.

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Some men are addicted to pornography and masturbation which shows bad s*xual history. It must be treated before marriage.


I expect you to be in a relationship with someone who’s born again and fears God.


  1. Asking your partner how many times he or she has had s*x or romance shows that you are checking their s*xual history.
  2. Asking how long he or she has been addicted to p*rnography and masturbation is checking your partner’s s*xual history.
  3. Asking how many times he or she has sent nudes or s*x chats is checking their s*xual history.
  4. Asking the number of times he has committed abortion for a lady or asking the number of times she has committed abortion.


Many partners may lie when it comes to being truthful about this questions but wisdom demands that you would know when, how and what to ask. And also, by their s*xual actions and requests, you will know them not by the talks.

When you are aware of your partner’s s*xual history relationship, then managing or handling it in marriage may not be a problem.







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