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Help! My Husband To Be Does Not Last Long In Bed, He Has Erectile Dysfunction.

Help! My Husband To Be Does Not Last Long In Bed, He Has Erectile Dysfunction.


Good evening admin please hid my Identification ,

am a lady 25 years of age dating a man who is 34 year we have been dating for 4 years and this year we are planning to get married in April.

my fiance he is a good man, very responsible educated and God fearing and he loves me so much, when we started dating we never used to have s*x for 2 years not until he engaged me that’s when I even become sexually active.the problem is that he is weak in bed so for the past 2 years we have been looking for a solution over the some problem and last year one of the elders found him some medicine over the some issue and everything was ok

surprisingly the problem as began again children of God what can I do over this problem God knows hv tried hv been on his side trying to look for solution bt hv started feeling like giving up even if I love him so much I can’t bear this any more his erection dose not last for 5mints hv being always complaining to him over the same problem.


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  1. Try finding out his sexual history I believe this will help. Ask him politely about his past encounter with ladies.
    I Wish you the best

  2. don’t loose hope…please support him…..there’s solution to every problem…that’s why he chose u,and you chose him……to stand by each other for better for worse……

  3. Nne if you can cope with it in marriage please go ahead but if you cannot,run ooooooo. He needs to tell you if he has offended someone especially a lady in the past,if not please pray for him ,that is if you still want to continue in the relationship. This is not something to joke with at all oooo,don’t marry out of pity or sympathy ooo,you are just 25 and you need a man who is active in order for you not commit adultery in marriage. It is well

  4. Im concerned that you are FORNICATING, engagement is not same as marriage, why is it always about sex these days. My Dear Sister, I won’t deceive you, pls stop FORNICATING. Thats why GOD’S standard is no sex before marriage. You are both destroying yourselves, you may shove my post but it’s the TRUTH, what is in vogue is not same as truth. I hope you really think deep about what I told you. I love you Sister. GOD bless


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