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Save Me From Entitled Inlaws


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Save Me From Entitled Inlaws


I was convinced by a topic on this thread

I went to Nigeria to bring my wife some years agom ever since we arrived it has always been money, money, materials, materials especially money. At some point my wife accused me of trying to separate her from her siblings. I told her that a time is coming she will be begging me to help her stop them. It has happened and is now happening. As a matter of fact I even brought her dad for a visit from Nigeria. Her dad was a God fearing person but the moment he started living with his oldest shameless and jobless son he has been brainwashed that her daughter and her husband owe them especially me. It’s always about money, money, money. The oldest son is a jobless and shameless irresponsible man that impregnated a woman and they now have four kids. I have even got a job for him from here but he refused to go and work there in Nigeria.

Not minding the fact that he even have other siblings in abroad. One of those in abroad is always in support of this stupid irresponsible oldest guy but the other one is a very intelligent person and knows the whole truth.

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If you send money to the dad now trust me he will request another in less than a week which obviously the irresponsible was the one telling the dad what to say. There was no time my wife or me or we call the dad that the irresponsible will not pretend he’s not there but will put the phone on speaker so he can listen to our concert with the dad. All he’s doing is yahoo and Yahoo. The second born there with him is a little bit fair but they all the same.

They always have this strong believe that their sister who is my wife owe them because they always says they took care of her. This is one of the reasons their sister who is my wife and the other siblings in abroad are yet to build a house for their dad. The oldest irresponsible always cause trouble, tell lies and create issues that the dad will be telling his children abroad that he’s gonna curse them if they don’t build house for him or send certain mount on so so so date. I am really tired and confused. Enough is enough because I also have my own family to look after. Even a bike I never buy sef.

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I am beginning to regret getting married in the first place. I love my wife and we have been together for over a decade and half even before we get married. But my wife is now their enemy because she always turn them down now. Infarct of I mention the irresponsible man’s name or talk about se don’t a penny to them she will go mad for days. Everythinf about them is money, money, money, build house for our dad, etc. The guy is now a yahoo + man over 40 yrs with no future and still unambitious.

My wife and I have wasted a lot of money on his travelling but he doesn’t even care. Imagine all the siblings in abroad have been sending money for their dad’s house rent only for the landlord to tell us that this guy’s has never paid a kobo for almost two years. All he’s about is to drink fvck and club.. very dirty hungry looking guy. They never appreciate anything indo for them, instead it’s always more more and more. There was a time this guy tried to fight me but I just ignored him.and since then I never talk to him again till now. But they are bullying my wife emotionally that she cries almost everyday now uptill this morning when I asked her what happened and she told me that her brother the irresponsible man sent a nasty message to her.

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But the other ones in another will always tell her that she and them need to take care of their dad and must send him money regardless of who highjack it as long as God knows they did the right thing, please how does this make sense? I need opinion on this in particular. How could you be sending money to the dad when you know that the idiot is the one that will collect and spend the money because he’s with the dad’s ATM card? Does that make sense?

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I only pity one of the two siblings in another country that always support him and that one’s wife have started complaining to my wife too because they gist a lot.

Sad sadSource:Nairaland

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  1. Your wife needs to stop it anyhow. You started what is now very hard to stop. I believe they have other family members that they respect. You can try talking to them to see if anything happens. If not, at least they are aware of what’s happening, then you can stand your ground and stop sending, at least you have other family members who are aware in case of any unforeseen event. All the best

  2. This is serious, it is well oooo. You and your wife should get someone else to be sending money to instead of your wife’s brother. Set aside a specific amount you would be sending to the person every month and make sure the person will always give the money to your wife’s dad. Do not give more than what you have decided to be giving every month.

  3. I for one don’t take shit from anyone, not even when the pressure is from my own family that is supposed to understand me. I will block anyone that tries to threaten my peace of mind.
    You have done enough for them and it is time you start saving for your immediate family because God forbid if anything goes wrong, this same person that you have been helping will be the first to laugh at your downfall.
    Let your wife block off and you too. Enough is enough.


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