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I Feel Devastated And Depressed! My Husband Cheating With Another Woman & Blaming Me For It


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I Feel Devastated And Depressed! My Husband Cheating With Another Woman & Blaming Me For It


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My husband works and stays in another country. He came for holidays in Dec. 1st agitation he lied about his date of arrival in the country. 2nd I later fond a conversation in his phone with a woman after i started being suspicious that all was not well. Apparently he was with her for two days on arrival before he came home to me. I confronted him and he accused me of things that i have no idea to cover up himself.

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We talked about it and I thought it was over only to catch him red handed speaking to te lady. We travelled from upcountry to the coastal where i work and stay. Things were obviously not good between us. We argued severally ove the same woman.

But itried my best to be the best wife that ican. I cooked him the best meals and avoided any confrontations with him just to give him a peaceful stay lest he say am nagging. Later he left for home on 30th to prepare to leave for the country he works. I felt within me that he was with that woman again and I don’t know if I did the most stupid thing or what i called the woman and realised that my husband was with him.

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Long story short he never even apologise or called. I was so devastated and icalled my eldest sister who is married and complained the ordeal to her. She called him to ask why he did what he did and he rudely put her off that he doesn’t care. I was so stressed up to now he has never shown any remorse effort instead he blames me.

We don’t talk anymore. Yesterday his other woman told me that my husband sends her our conversation i felt so hurt. He has refused to even pay fees for our son. I feel devastated and depressed.

Please advice me.

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  1. I will keep saying it don’t trust people, even your wife or husband, it’s not even biblical to trust people, my dear sister, happiness is a choice, I don’t mean start committing adultery. Let me tell you the truth Sister, your husband can pretend he has changed, he start buying things for you, giving you attention to make you think he has stopped, but trust me favor is deceiful, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE, I wonder why people keep saying trust is important, I’m sure in times past

    • …that you trust your husband, but see now he has been committing adultery and doesn’t even care, you are even depressed, so I ask is it good to trust people or not…I’m sure you know the answer already. Dear sister, it’s good this happened, it will make you stronger trust me, you will later understand it, MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY, look yourself in the mirror and speak good words to yourself, I am happy, im blessed, no matter what situation happens, I will be happy, it’s well with me, I am strong, I feeling good, I bet you so that often many times daily, you will thank me later sister, leave your husband let him keep comitting adultery, don’t even disturb him, just be the good wife you is, some people think adultery is a small sin, it’s leads people to hello Pitt people who commit adultery my sister, forget depression, forget it totally and completely, you are stronger than you think ok. Pls DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. I love you. GOD BLESS YOU SISTER. I am Akin

  2. I know it’s so hurtful and difficult to do, but please try to ignore him for your own sanity. Pray for him to change, prayer changes everything. The comment from Akin about your happiness too, please put it to work, he will soon become uncomfortable with his actions n change genuinely with the help of God. Don’t give up on your home and stop every kind of communication regarding your husband with that strange woman. Never talk about your husband with her again please. I wish you the very best in your marriage

  3. Can you pray? You need a lot of it. I sense he is under a spell. So start and keep praying for him. By the blood of Jesus, destroy any evil influence over his life. If you keep silent, you might loose him to another woman

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