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Help!! My Husband Always Demand For Anal S3x, Am Infected And Smelling


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Help!! My Husband Always Demand For Anal S3x, Am Infected And Smelling




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My Husband always demand for Anal s*x. Although I never enjoyed it, I always allow Him to have his was so that He will not go out.


My Friend said thousands of Girls out there will give it to Him, considering His good looks, and Money. I decided to play along just to have a Happy relationship with Him.

Since 2 months now my tummy has been paining me. I noticed that I had pile last week.

The problem now is that there is this clear water coming out from my Anus. It stinks badly so I have to wash my yansh constantly.

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It is very embarrassing. People at close range notice the smell is from me. I have to insert cotton wool which is not helpful. I get wet often. I have not been to my shop this past week because the water coming out of my Anus is getting much and soaking my cloth. The smell is worse. Since all this started happening, my husband has refused to make Love with me.

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He said I Smell bad. In short He avoid coming close to me. When I try to get close, I can tell from His face that He can’t stand my smell. The embarrassment and inconvenience of having cotton wool inside my butt is too much. I can not continue like this. I am even ashamed to go to the Doctor. I smell like rotten egg.


Please is there any traditional cure for my predicament ? Please help me post it to the group. I need help before I do something bad to myself.


Note: There are thousand of cases happen all around the world even right now.The reason for posting this stories is for us all to learn from them. Be courageous to say no to the wrong desires, especially if it’s against the normal.






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  1. Pls take I easy Sister, pls you need to see a doctor, at best get a doctor to come over to your house, explain to the doctor before she comes(only female doctor’s pls), you will be fine, your husband is a greedy man…very greedy indeed, pls ladies don’t in the name of I love my husband and don’t want him to cheat put your life and health @ risk, as a matter of fact a man can cheat on you even if you give him all the sexual satisfactions, cheating is a choice ladies, he left house, enter transport, called her, lied to you about his whereabout, did all sex styles and cum and you think you are the cause of his cheating, no sister, you are not the cause, he himself is 100% responsible for it. My dear Sister pls don’t be unhappy, I tell people you can’t trust anyone even your husband or wife, see the lady that dropped her story yesterday how her husband is cheating and doesn’t even care about her, so my Sister, stay home and call get a FEMALE DOCTOR, it’s no big deal ok, you will be fine, women pls stop loosing your self in the name of I don’t want my husband to cheat, he will cheat if he wants to. All the best, I love you, I am Akin. GOD bless you Sister. And pls cos other ladies are having anal sex doesn’t make it right, your friend gave you a bad advice and now you are to suffer it alone, while she goes about her own life, so you see the truth is anal sex is wrong, GOD make vagina for sex not the buttocks for sex.

  2. A lot of people are yet to understand what LOVE is. The kind of love that govern this world is a selfish kind of love. The LOVE that God expects us to have for our spouse is what is called the Agape LOVE or the God-kind of LOVE which puts other people first before one’s self. Which means the love we should each have for our spouse is that we put each other needs first before ours. Then and then, can we find fulfillment in our marriages.

    Now I said that to said this, your husband ma, has just portrayed the kind of love I have mentioned above. Now he can’t come close to you ‘cuz of the said smell. He’s the cause of the smell ‘cuz of his inordinate desires. Now he doesn’t want to come close.

    Ma’am pls go and see the doctor and get yourself treated. You can now justify yourself when next he ask for it. You have seen the shame and the embarrassment that act has brought on you. So if he wants to have it again next time, you now know what to do. If he now insist on getting it outside, be unperturbed just pray for him so that he won’t die untimely.

    Life is spiritual. Life is worth more than this. Get yourself treated and you’ll be fine. Pls don’t quarrel or fight with him, are you hearing this? Be cool, loving, keep doing your duty as a wife and mother. And the God of peace will be with you.

    God bless you IJN.

  3. Please see a doctor and never indulge is such biko nne,where is the so called husband kwanu? Has he not being getting it outside since you started experiencing this? Umu woke,sorry nne. It is well with you

  4. Sorry for what you’ve been through. I am commenting with respect to the pile. Yes, there’s a traditional medicine for pile. It’s pure root, herbal no additive. My dad has given the root to people in the past and it works. Just recently, a friend of mine picked up the herb to give to his friend who was severely suffering from it, with the pains and blood and the discomfort. Within 3-4days, the pain and blood will be gone. Tested and Trusted. Confidentiality assured. To reach out, you can send a mail: [email protected]


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