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Premarital S*x! Do I remove This Baby?


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Premarital S*x! Do I remove This Baby?


I have an issue bugging me and I need some serious advise because I have been very indecisive so far.

There is a lady I’m seeing. She came to my place a few weeks ago and we had s*x, first with condoms and later without condoms.

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However, I gave her some money to get postinor when she left for her place the next morning.

That morning, I asked if she got the drug when she called to say she had arrived home and she said “yes”.

I called her again that evening to ask if she had taken it and she said “yes”.

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A few weeks later, she called to say she is pregnant.

As I later found out, at least according to what she said, she took the drug the next day after arriving at her home and not on that day she told me she took it. She gave some flimsy excuse as to why she did it but it does not matter anymore at this point.

At this moment, we are considering removing the baby.

While I have been very indecisive, she has agreed to go with whatever decision I take and has spoken to a doctor who will do it this Friday.

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However, I am unsure as of this moment if I want to go on with this because even though I am done with uni, I do not think I have gotten to that point where I can shoulder more responsibilities.

I am self employed and somewhat financially okay but not in a way that I can take care of three people, particularly a baby. I was okay as of 2019 until COVID came and turned my life upside down last year.

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And believe me, I was really glad I was not married as of last year because I went through hell. Serious hell. The lockdown finished me.

I am slowly recovering (very slowly) and still trying to figure my way out through life and rebuilding what I lost but I am afraid that having the burden of a woman and baby at this point may derail me.

And I really do not know who to turn to when I am unable to provide for the both of them.

What do you guys think? Do I go on with this or just let the baby be?




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  1. Hello. What if the lady dies in the process or her womb gets damaged permanently, even if none of these happens, ABORTION is SIN sir, that people do it doesn’t make it right, majority carry vote no mean say the thing right, what is wrong with us these days, always sex sex sex, I must say for you to even consider abortion, I fear you Bro, abortion is murder, whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter. Pls drop that wicked idea NOW, let her give birth in peace,and please STOP FORNICATING. GOD bless you

  2. You would have continued using that condom ooo for protection against infection, disease, and unwanted pregnancy. You have to keep the innocent baby, that baby will be the governor of your state someday, so don’t murder. The Lord is your strength

  3. Bro. This one she is in a haste. and even telling you she had discussed it with a doctor that wants to do it on Friday.

    Hope she is not scamming you.
    It’s not today ladies started doing pregnancy scam to their boyfriends.
    They have done me.
    They have done my friend also. To the extent the girl was saying there was complication to keep getting more money for drugs nd so.

    So make sure you get sure first with a valid test.

    Not that one that you are saying she called you on phone saying she’s pregnant.

    If now she is pregnant. I won’t advice an abortion. Jus chest it as a man. You already can take care of yourself which is good.

  4. Hello my brother,i believe u are a Christian and d word of says” there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus” I picked interest on ur story when I saw d caption. Now, from ur story u said u passed through hell last year and u are still trying to recover. Okay,now have u ever sat down to think why things actually went that way last year? And despite that,u were not condemned to death.U survived d terrible situation u passed through by God’s grace.Have u wondered u suffered like that last year cos of ur sins? Despite God is a very compassionate and merciful father,He atimes allows us to suffer so that He can draw us to Himself. U thought it was bcos of covid 19 that made you suffer. Finally,after God spared ur life from the last year suffering,u decided to continue with sin by having illicit sex(premarital sex) thinking you are smart and still God spared ur life. Finally,a baby has surfaced as a result of ur evil action n d only thing that came to ur mind is to kill d baby cos u think u have d power. My dear brother,do not condemn that innocent child to death cos that will be d beginning of everlasting story cos that baby is innocent and it’s life is hidden inside Jesus and there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. God wants to prove to u that u can’t be smarter than Him,even if the girl had taken d postinor and God decides to keep d baby,d baby will never be aborted instead d mother’s life will be taken and d baby will survive n d repacurtion follows u forever. My advise to u now, it’s to go on ur knees and cry to God for Mercy.Sex,is what you will be having after marriage and get tired of it, so why can’t you just control urself till u marry. Pls, pray for mercy n accept d baby and be rest assured that God will never put u to shame. That baby will be a miracle baby that will turn ur life around for good. D baby will be a source of joy and happiness to you cos children are Angels. The mistake has been made and u don’t have to blame d innocent baby or condemn d baby to death cos of ur mistake. Please asked God for mercy and watch Him act in your favour and d child and mother. I wish you well and pray that God will show you mercy and answer your prayers in Jesus name.Amen


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