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Yes He Is My Destiny Helper! But I Don’t Want To Continue In Sin, By Dating A Married Man


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Yes He Is My Destiny Helper! But I Don’t Want To Continue In Sin, By Dating A Married Man



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Ma please I have a problem and the problem is my boss we have been dating since three years ago am 26 years ago I was employed in his shop as a sales girl in 2018 because I wanted to go to school but no one to help so I decided to do sales girl to get some money before entering the school so in our shop we are six girls then working for the man and am the youngest then so

my boss came back one day and ask me to escort him that his wants to go and see his mother and I don’t have any thing in mind I followed him not knowing his has another plan when we got to their village he derived to his house and I ask him sir is here you mother’s house or your own house he said he wants to get something which he later called me to come upstairs I don’t have anything in mind because

I was 23 then he took advantage of me and I lost my virginity in the process and started crying his I should stop crying that he will take very care of me both  my school and everything and we have been dating since then and the man is married with children 57year now and since then I have been crying telling him to leave me alone because I never pray for this  in life for a date talk more of dating a married man

my prayer has been God give me my own man that is my husband and now he is saying that he wants to marry me as second wife which I never pray for and he has been of help to me he is the one taking care of my school expensive i have told he several times let stop this that is against God and human and he  saidlet the consequences be on him and my conscience has been disturbing me .

ma please how do I handled this his has been the only man I know till now. I want to stop it and pray to God for forgiveness of sin all though it will affect me because no one will  take care of me in school but I don’t mind God will be then for me.

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please ma, help me what do I do that we not hurt him because I don’t want him to feel bad.or should I report to his wife.Thanks please if want to post it in marriage seminar please hide my ID.
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  1. You wanted to further your education and that’s the reason you went to work as a sales girl, how come you started dating him after thr first attempt? You are not ready to leave the man alone,if you are, then take a bold step. You are still enjoying what he has been giving you abi,please ask for mercy and stop seeing him this minute. It is well with you

  2. Hello. He raped you once and you started agreeing to have sex with him, and you said he is your destiny helper, no he came to destroy your life and sadly you too agreed to that cos you have been having sex with him, a married man, my dear sister sleeping with another married person’s spouse is murder, you even said you don’t know what to do cos you don’t want to hurt him, you are not ready to stop the evil act with him, honestly you arent ready, if you are ready you would have done that since. Leave his shop and block his No, whatsApp and every other means of communicating with him. pls do as I have said. I love you, you will be fine Sister, you will. GOD bless you.

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