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Help! My Husband Gambling Habit Wants To Destroy Our Future

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Help! My Husband Gambling Habit Wants To Destroy Our Future



Am married with 3 boys now, this is seven years of our marriage, before my husband got married to me he was selling medicine, he had problem finicially before we married which I don’t no, 1 year after our traditional wedding I came to discover that he had nothing I ask him what is the problem he told me,  but I don’t no if he is telling me the truth, so I planned of what to do to help the matter instead of going away, I am an NCE holder I went for teaching immediately, every month when I collect sallary I give to him as my little support for the shop to grow back again, what annoys me is that my hubby went into gambling bet naija and the rest, I have talked to him but he wouldn’t listen until his buss collapsed

finally, I told Friend about the current situation cos my husband was helpless he got a small job for after one year hubby starred complaining to me that his co senior workers are talking to him anyhow, that was how he ended his job. He went into another job after three weeks complain again that the job is to stressful that he is tired that was how he resigned, as God so kind immediately his buss collapsed his brother that is my inlaw rented a shop for me but there was no money to start, I told my younger brother which in school he has to give me his school fees to start up something that was how I started the buss, and God has been helping me, so I decided to tell my husband to join me in the buss so that we can be managing it cos that buss was really moving.

but when he came after one year he started gambling again and that was affecting the shop,  I  stop him from collecting money from our sells cos of my children if that shop collapsed am finished, I told him to look for what to do for 2 years now he said he have not seen, so because of the too much expenses at home I called him to plan for this kids, I told him as a man to control the shop so that I can go back to my teaching proffession but he refused till now my husband has been sitting jobless, I think I have tried my best don’t no what to do.

this is a man that when u tell him to help u in the housecores he will say is not his  house work beforeooo but now I don’t send him anything he is the one doing some of the House core’s, not much, sorry for the long post.

I don’t no what to do again pls advice me

Am 30 years

Now am tired because of the stress don’t no what to do cause of my kids
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  1. Tell him to get a job and a life,he has 3 boys,who will train them? Let him stop resigning and think because he has a hardworking wife,therefore he can always resign and come home to stay. And don’t always give him the impression that you are a man- woman,he has to work because he has responsibilities. You can put somebody in the shop and go back to your teaching job, so that there can be two source of income for you,it is well with you.

  2. Pls don’t allow him to run the shop, he will ruin the business, don’t be emotional about it pls Sister, you can have someone to run the business but PLEASE PLEASE AND PLEASE make sure you put a HONEST person I mean VERY HONEST PERSON, even if the person is your family member but no honest pls don’t put such people, put only HONEST person there oo. GOD bless you.


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