HomeAdviceSince I got married to my husband I have never enjoyed s*x

Since I got married to my husband I have never enjoyed s*x


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Since I got married to my husband I have never enjoyed s*x


He is so lazy in bed sometimes I feel like cheating but my tradition forbids it. My husband can’t go more than a round of s*x and not as if he will last long oo highest two minutes he is done and if I beg him for another round he will pick offense.  I have never reach orgasms nor squirt before I’ve complain and complain but no changes.

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Me on the other hand love s*x especially during ovulation the sexually urge is usually unbearable for me.  We make love once or twice a week that is after much pleading to be honest am tired.

Our marriage is just three years with a daughter, sometimes I even regret allowing him to make love to me, to me it’s a waste of time because I don’t get satisfy. He married me as a virgin please I need your warm advice.


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Our sister will be waiting at the comment section, please let’s help🙏
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  1. Hello, you said he is lazy, I don’t think so, he goes to work and gets tired, put yourself in his shoes too and there are ladies to do this cos sincerely they are tired from days work, try to understand, but discuss with him but since he hasn’t been listening, you can still call him and tell him you want to discuss the issue that you are not angry but want to know how you can help him, PLS dont commjt adultery, if you do you are 100% responsible for the adultery not your husband cos adultery can never be a mistake, it’s an intentional wicked act so pls remove it from your mind. You have to really exercise patience with him. I love you. GOD bless you

  2. Woman,you have to be patient with your husband. Most people don’t really fancy sex just like you do,sometimes husbands and wives find it difficult to initiate sex because they are both tired and busy. You need to love your husband beyond his sexual ability, you also have to be hot and caress him well,let the foreplay be mad,don’t always wait for him to be the one to satisfy you,you can also make him hunger for it by the way you go gaga. Have you tried doggy style? There are ways you can make a man ask for more, i don’t wanna talk dirty here but you have to up your game nnem. it is well but do not cheat,I repeat do not cheat.


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