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Seven Mistakes That Ladies Make That Drive Potential Suitors Away


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Seven Mistakes That Ladies Make That Drive Potential Suitors Away


  1. Engaging yourself with a ring without someone engaging you:-

So many ladies without them knowing have pushed away the potential Suitors that are supposed to get them engaged due to the wrong use of ring on their fingers.

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This particular point center majorly on the single mothers. I have seen so many cases where single mothers got themselves an engagement ring by putting it on their finger (4th finger) so as to keep them from their shame or to make people to believe that they are under a man whereas they are not.

Little do they know that they are only making use of those rings to make things complex for themselves to attract potential suitors who are ready to accept them and their child/children.

  1. Calling a man who has not yet paid your bride price or get married to you your husband:-

This goes to the single ladies who do call their so called boyfriend their husband when they are not yet married to them.

Calling that man your husband has already given other men an impression that you are a no go area, you do not have any reason to call a man that has not married you your husband, if eventually the marriage didn’t work out as you have planned it, that potential suitor you are to fall back on won’t be there for you again and that is because he would have gotten someone else.

  1. Putting the picture of a man that has not engaged you on your dp:

Some ladies are found of doing this.

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Putting your boyfriend’s picture that is not your husband on your dp means that you are telling other potential suitors to stay away from you because you are taken.

Have you ever reason it before that; that man can fail you one day? How are you sure that he is a serious type and also the one for you?

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Have you also reason about it that his picture you keep on displaying on your profile will not help you but to drive away potential suitor who is ready to engage you and marry you?.

It is time you receive sense, dear sister.

  1. Having many males as friends:-

It is not a wrong thing to have a male friends but you getting engaged too much with your male friend/s can create a doubt for a potential suitor to come to you because such person will believe that you are engaged to one of your male friends.


It get potential suitors confused if you are still single or not.

  1. Dressing half naked:-

Most ladies believe that until they dress naked or almost naked they won’t be noticed by men or be found attractive by them.

They may be right in their own thinking but I need to tell you this that likes attract likes, when you dress yourself half naked, you can only attract ungodly, irresponsible men as you have also positioned yourself to them.

You dressing yourself naked as a lady does not benefit you in anyway but to drive away potential suitors from you because no responsible man will show interest in marrying a naked or half naked woman.

  1. Living a fake life:-
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Most ladies of nowadays are not real again but are full of fake lives.

Their characters, behaviors, mode of dressing, way of life, even most of the informations they give out about themselves are all fake.

If any potential suitor notice that you are living a fake life, you can’t expect such to stay with a lady like you.

Ladies, please try to always be yourself and always be real at all time.

A man that loves you will take you for who you are, even if you have a bad past, you can’t attract potential suitor when you start faking your life all around, pleaaassseeee……stop being fake!.

  1. Asking for money or putting all your burden on a man on your first date with him:

It is a pity seeing that the level of some ladies thinking is shallow, how could you meet a man for the first time and table all your life problem in front of him at the same time and still expect him to stay, you expect him to be with someone like you that will drain him off financially or become a liability to him?.

Let me tell you this, the first impression you create about yourself to a man will determine who he thinks you will be when he marry you.

No man wants to get married to a pest. Ladies, everything is not about money, learn how to discipline yourself and portray yourself well as a lady of value and a potential wife material to attract a potential suitors.

Remain blessed!!!
By: Olanrewaju Miracle Olusola

Photo Credit:istock




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