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Help! He Doesn’t Respect Me He Treats Like A Trash…I Am Loosing Myself Esteem


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Help! He Doesn’t Respect Me He Treats Like A Trash…I Am Loosing Myself Esteem



Good morning admin,

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pls hide my id, am 25 yrs lady will get 26 this on Wednesday 3rd march,please I got married in November last yr to a pastor ,during our preparation for marriage one elder told me to reconsider the decision he thinks am young, I didn’t listen because our invitation were out already ,now back to the main reason ,my husband who happens to be a pastor, now he doesn’t respect me he treats like a trash,he only get close to me when he want to have s*x,

am humiliated, i dont feel loved, he always telling me I should fix my nails ,fix my eyes and so on but that’s not me I have always been myself natural.

he abuses me emotionally hold my neck tight i could not breathe, am a certificate nurse so haven’t been posted from 2019 till now , I took myself throughout my nursing cos both parents are passed and am the only child with different father from my elder siblings so since my mum died everyone took life in his /her own hands to face the wold….

since I married I was putting out my best to make it work but my husband doesn’t appreciate me he doesn’t even want to walk with me is like she feels shy to or I look inferior to him…like he doesn’t even converse with me ,he always seems like he married me to favour me.

he’s not praying nor reading bible, always on social media, but when he goes out people see him as angel ,which I thought my spiritual life would grow since he’s a pastor but it failed…

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I have always keep myself praying and waiting on God to give me a husband so I don’t go wayward ,now I am in distress….now I feel regretted and I want to leave the marriage maybe God knows why am not pregnant till now , but I don’t know where to go cos I don’t have any strong family. They are all in the villages and difficult people ,we are ewes .now I feel like ending my life cos i hcan’t stand the disgrace, I have regretted deeply, am depressed I didn’t listen ,i feel like running away to a far place ,i feel like ending my life…. please I need advice
By Samuel Femi(Admin)


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  1. Hello sister. I want you to know that your happiness is in your hands, trust me it is, erase thoughts of being depressed and ending your life, you are much stronger than you think Sister, trust me you are. Can you do this everyday, speak words to yourself like, I’m blessed, I am happy, my life is wonderful, today is a great day for me,I choose to be happy, I succeed always, I am great, I am beautiful, trust me you will pray that GOD should bless me for this advise I just gave you. PLS do what I said Sister, it works like magic. Can you pls come back to comment here when you see changes, don’t fight your husband and don’t ever think of cheating ok. I love you. GOD bless you.

  2. tough times dont last , its tough people who do. i want to encourage you to see this as a phase, it wont last. it ll end soon. please dont entertain depression. find a support system like a women network or christian group online. come this site too and read up peoples experiences . ignore the hypocrite voice coming from your husband. however, see to how you can improve on things like dressing he is complaining about. but pls dont kill yourself trying to please him becos you cant satisfy a human. make yourself happy, indulge yourself with healthy things like food , movies, walks etc. its a phase, it shall pass. peace.


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