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Pathetic Is The Story of My Life! I Fell In Love For The First Time With A Male Prostitute. How Do Raise These Three Kids?


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Pathetic Is The Story of My Life! I Fell In Love For The First Time With A Male Prostitute. How Do Raise These Three Kids?


Hello Admin.

I would like to remain anonymous. I have been in a relationship with this man for 7 years. I met him at a work place. He made advances at me and i rejected them at that time because i noticed he was really close to his workmate. But he really insisted several times on us being in a relationship. When i asked him about the closeness with his workmate he denied and said its not true she is just a friend.

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So i accepted to be with him. But immediately i got a new job so i had to go work very far and for him he stayed. And during that time i kept meeting him once a month or sometimes after 2months because of the distance. But after a year of seeing each other like that i got pregnant. But remember he had not met my family officially and we had not stayed together long for me to get to know him better.

It was a long distance relationship. So i got pregnant. At first when i told him he told me i have options its up to me to keep the baby or not. He will support me with whatever decision i take. I decided to have the baby. And he gave me full financial support. I have never seen a man love and care so much. He even visited me thrice at my far work place while pregnant.

After delivery he gave me a terrible infection and i confronted him and he denied being with some one else. But i suspected him because he was behaving weiredly. All that time he infected me with different STDs and i would confront him and he denies. And in the process i got pregnant again when the baby was only 6months baby . When i told him he went silent on me and i had to terminate the pregnancy at one month. I was in so much fear and panic. I didnt know how i could support a baby and a pregnancy with my small salary. After a month of me losing my baby. He called again and i told him everything. He was so apologetic and he told me he was so scared of us having another baby immediately when he didnt even have a home for them.

I also kept quiet on him i told him its over. He kept calling and calling and after 3months of being quiet he sent me pictures of a house. That its mine and my baby he even took me to the house and i gave him another chance. But i was still working far. We wd meet at the now our new home again once every month. Finally after 4yrs of being together like that i was given a transfer and during that time i was pregnant again and gave birth. And that time i caught him with pictures of his workmate. I confronted him and he told me he had been in a relationship with but it ended. We had a realy big conflict i was leaving him . He said he was sorry so i forgave him but still he was working away from home.

He could again come home after a month or two. After a year i again got pregnant and at 7months i caught him with another woman in a lodge. He begged again for forgiveness as usual. He said he will never see that woman again. He said he cheated because i was pregnant. As i speak now the man is abroad. He left me in the house which has everything. He is open about everthing even is finances. But the problem now is during this time he has confessed to me about all his previous relationships withiout me asking him to tell me. He told his workmate had been his woman for years they had worked together , he only left her because she was bad mannered and she also cheated on him. He also told me that the second house he has. They bought the plot together. I confirmed it because he left me with the documents. He told me that the workmate still begs him to forgive her so he can take her to that house but he told me he cannot.

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We put relatives in that house. Again he told me the day before going abriad he was supposed to pick me and our new born from the village he did not because he was meeting an ex girlfriend of six years in alodge since he was going abroad and i had just given birth and he was really hungry for s*x. The bad thing he said was that the ex girlfriend is really ugly but she is so good in bed so she was his only option before leaving. When i asked him why he left her he told me she is really ugly he cant afford to have children with but he can have s*x with her!!! He also told me he was sleeping with three of us at the same time.

The workmate, me who was coming once a month and another girl. Ther reason for having the third girl was that for her she was younger. He confesssed about the ex girfriend because he has bin sick on and off. So he took an HIV test and the results took long to come back. So that time of waiting he told me he went thru so much worry and he cant cheat again.Now my problem is i believe in being faithful. He was my first love. But now i want to run away from this man as far as possible because iam sick and tired of his confessions and cheating. But i have 3 young children eldest is only 6 and last 1yr. I am scared i might not be able to take care of them. And if i continue with him he will one day infect me HIV because iam sure he is like that he will never change. Please advise
Source:Samuel Femn(FaceBook)

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  1. But why are some women like this? Even though he was your first love is that why you couldn’t just use your sense? How can you be pregnant for an irresponsible man as his and you claim he loves you,why didn’t he introduce you to any of his relation? Why was he not eager to meet your parents? Did he pay your bride price ?No,and yet you got pregnant for him four times including the one you aborted,this is ridiculous. Now he has gone abroad to continue his wayward life. You have to take care of those children,whether you like it or not. It is well with you

  2. You said you want to run as far as possible, Please do, also I must warn you against sexual immorality, you fornicated several times even did abortion, pls stop the evil. Leave that man, you are not even married, love yes but don’t be gullible, is it until he gives you STD you will learn lesson, as for the three kids, you just have to do it, if he can send money, that’s good but I think you will start saying you love him and will go back to him. Take charge of your life Sister. I love you. GOD bless


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