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He Is A Cheat, Yet Won’t Let Me Go


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He Is A Cheat, Yet Won’t Let Me Go


So recently, I’ve been having this feeling that my fiancé is a cheat, I’m not a type of woman who do choke my partner or check his phones cause I respect his privacy, even though he has always been checking my phone, going through my social media accounts and all other things, sometimes he will use my fingers to unlock my phone while sleeping just to go through it.

We’ve been dating since 2018, we became best of friends and our families are cool together, he is caring and jovial, he doesn’t hide things from me most especially financial issues, our social lives are almost the same, in short we are good together. We planned to do our engagement last year December but due to the way things were last year we postponed it and decided to pick another date, though I now spend half of my days at his place.

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Fast forward to January this year, I started seeing some red signs that he is a cheat, many times I took his phone to unlock and go through since I know his passwords but I will drop it again cause there is no way I will check his phone without seeing things that will tamper with my peace of mind, since then, I’ve decided to open my eyes and ears more wider.

Later on , I discovered that anytime I am around, his phones were always on airplane mode, he only works on system, my heart started asking me different questions but I kept calm and I continued with my quest to catch him red handed, though I confronted him that he is cheating but he laughed at me and said 95% of men do cheat but he is among the remaining 5% that doesn’t.

Last month, we both decided to go on vacation, it was then I saw that I was actually in a relationship with a dog like person. There was a particular number that kept calling him, maybe he forgot to put the phone on airplane mode, at first I overlooked it but the number kept on calling about 59 times, it was then that I decided to pick it up and I heard a female voice, she said “you a**hole, so you decided not to pick my calls because she is around, come online, I left you a message there” my heart skipped, who was she referring to as “she”? It was then I decided to unlock his phone for the first time and I just wish I didn’t do that, my eyes were heavy with tears as I was reading all sorts of conversations between him and different girls, not one, not two, not three, about ten of them, some even sent him nude pictures, he already bleeped some, some are still under format, two of them are new preys. I cried, many of them even know me, one even referred to me as his witch, I wept bitterly, I was on this weeping when he entered the room and saw me crying, all he could say was that how will I touch his phone in the first place.

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He later apologised, after the much argument, I started parking my things to come back to out state, I told him I am done with the relationship, he started laughing at me and started shouting at the top of his voice “ babe you must be crazy, you are definitely out of your mind, how on earth must you think you can leave the relationship that I summoned up so much courage to ask you out? Listen woman, even if I cheat everyday, I can’t leave you, the truth is I will always cheat, I will apologise if been caught but I can’t ever place any woman above you,vI met our pastor in the hotel with another babe the last time I went to hotel for quickie with one chick, if pastors do cheat, who am I not to. At least you have the key to everything I have, if my parents can’t reach me, they will deliver the message to you, are you hungry? Are you looking rough? Do you want s*x and I denied you? So what else should be your problem with me cheating “

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I was short of words, he wasn’t even remorseful, I left there angrily and he kept calling, later he called his parents to explain the issues to them and they called me and pleaded, to make the situation worse his mom also said all men cheat. He has been threatening me that he won’t allow me to marry any other person, guys I’m really confused, please what can I do now, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a man who doesn’t have taste.


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  1. You better run, men who cheat always try as much as possible for the other person not to find out, now you have caught him and he is not sober or even remorseful because of ego. You can’t enjoy that marriage oooo,he is not even cheating with one person but ten,huh!

  2. Take a walk now sis Or you will end up regretting why I married him. It is very obvious you cannot deal with men that cheats.For the sake of your mental state, don’t continue the relationship with him.call it quit at this junction.The worst feeling that can happen to any woman is knowing and living with a cheating partner!! Your mind will Never be at peace.goodluck sis.

  3. Bad run for ur life,it will lead to a stage dat he will be bringing lady’s home to sleep t with them and he will still be telling u his right


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