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Am I Over Reacting By Breaking Up The Relationship?


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Am I Over Reacting By Breaking Up The Relationship?


Good morning admin please hide my id and post for me.

Am lady aged 25yrs I am in a serious relationship with a man. When I met him I was just selling flitters and he is a doctor he decided to take me back to school to do nursing of which I went from 2017 to 2020. The relationship was stable his family knew about me and my family knew him too. This year he proposed marriage and I accepted.

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Now something happened he injected the patient who later died he was arrested while he was in the cell I called his line n his sister answered saying I shouldn’t go to see him in cell because his wife and three kids are there for him I was shocked.

I called his brother even him said he is married with three kids back in his village and his wife has come with his children and I tried calling his mum her line was off. I decided to stay home I never called again until he was out of cells he called to complain that I wasn’t there when he needed me most then I explained what his siblings told me he just said they lied to me n i should forget what they said.

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But they really treated me bad they called me all sort of names which has made me lose interest in marrying him. Am I over reacting by breaking up the relationship and start my life afresh am confused help me what must I do in this situation.

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  1. You better hold on and be sure he is not married,don’t rush anything, please. Why would they all lie to you in this manner? Nawaooooooo,please do some investigation before breaking up.

  2. Aunty be quick to leave this man, he is married and his siblings won’t lie about it. Better late than never or you become his second wife.
    See, they will brainwash you eh, telling you that they were testing you if you can withstand trying times and rumors even the same siblings will tell you that it was a cooked-up story.
    Please for sanity and peace sake leave him.
    Enough said!


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