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Please I Don’t Need Her Again, But Am Afraid To Tell Her


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Please I Don’t Need Her Again, But Am Afraid To Tell Her


Good evening sir

Please help me post.

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I went to club with my friend so i met this girl in a club and my friend liked her and was  like..trying to get her attention

but she was not even  seeing  he’s shadow,so immediately she saw me she walked  up to me and told me she love me,I was like;how can you love me when you have not seen me before? She said because you’re handsome I said okay thanks .the next time I went there immediately she saw me,she  ran to come and kiss me  I told her to calm down first,she took me inside and sat with me,to cut the long story short.

We exchange numbers, so i went home that night, around 12am she called me that  that she want to come and spend a night with me,I said okay you can come,she came but nothing happened .the following day she said she want to go I told her to pls help me to prepare something for me to eat once I come back from work, which she did.

But I have a very serious problem here now,this girl eats  like cow,before  I could come back from work, she has already eaten half crate of eggs, ate about 5noodles, eat half pot of rice she prepared,drank custard, eat half pack of  biscuit,lick about 5 lollipop,this is  happening the same day oo. but that’s not my real  problem now.

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She openly told me she’s  a witch,she said she came from idemili in Anambra state, that she’s a goddess,she make mention of some female demons to me,I was shocked ,

She stated that her ex boyfriend thought he was smart enough to leave her without  suffering from something, so she made the guy never to eat  non sleep without speaking or seeing her ,so along the line she lost interest with the guy  and freed him because they once had something in common which she valued,she also make mention of the guy who took her virginity by  raped  what she did to him,she said she made the guy a rotten penis that up till  now he’s  still suffering from it,I tried to  plead for the  guy she said I should not even go there .

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please i don’t need her again oo ,but am afraid to tell her, please a serious advice is needed here, how will I avoid her her?

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  1. Sometimes most of these things are lies from the pit of hell trying to put guys in bondage and under their control.
    Thank God you have not slept with her so she has no control over you. Next thing is that do not entertain fear because that is the best and fast way they can get to you.

    Send her out immediately from your house, don’t let her stay a second in your house. She is a hungry and desperate girl.
    After that, take out time to be close to God, pray fervently and rebuke every marine spirit from your life. Don’t be @ ease in Zion.

  2. You don’t want her again in what sense please?Where you people dating in the first place? You only asked her to prepare meal for you,so why saying you don’t need her again? Block her line,tell her you want to travel,so that she doesn’t come to your house. Tell her you already have a wife,unless you are not telling us the truth or you are not being sincere here. Are you sure you haven’t touched her? You better run for your dear life,it is well with you.

  3. You met a lady in club, she told you she want to come time in your house, and you allowed her, you even told her to cook for you, how do some of guys behave sef, what has come over some people, the comments up saying she may be lying, let me tell you this, she may actually be a witch, it’s good you haven’t had sex with her, I wish you learn from the case hat sex before marriage is GREAT SIN, I wish you will hold this lesson. GOD bless


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