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Help! Am About To Loose The One I Love, Just Because I Was Playing Games(Runs)


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Help! Am About To Loose The One I Love, Just Because I Was Playing Games(Runs)



I have been dating my guy for over two years now, I love him and I know he loves me too, but his very jealous. Anytime he sees my chat with any guy he becomes angry but he doesn’t insult me nor beat me. I just left for school this year, my school is about 3hrs from where he lives. He drove down to my school to pay me a surprise visit because he called me that morning and I told him I was in school, meanwhile I was not in school.

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I forgot to mention that my boyfriend is stingy too, he doesn’t give me money unless I ask him including the things I need, he always wait for me to ask.

Things haven’t been financially ok with him recently but he should just manage and buy me somethings but he won’t.

That day he came to my school I went to visit a guy who I started seeing not long ago to spend the weekend there. It was a Saturday. When my guy came to the school, he called my roommate (because I introduced them to each other) and went to my house. I told my roommate where I was going but she didn’t know what to tell him.

He called me that his in my room asking me where I was, but I told him I later changed my mind and went spend weekend with my Aunt in Minna, while my roommate told him that we went for excursion. Na so issue start o, until he pressured my roommate and she told him everything.

I love this guy so much, I don’t want to lose him. Now his not taking my calls or replying my message, he left all the gifts he bought which are quite expensive.

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Please I need advice on what to do, I love him so much and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I was just playing games

From: MarriageWithoutTears

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  1. Hello Sister. Firstly, FORNICATION is a GREAT SIN, flee from it, that a lot of people are doing will never make it right. You said, he doesn’t give you money and things, my dear Sister, it’s not your boyfriend’s duty to give you money and things. You have been dishonest, probably you have been sleeping around. So pls stop FORNICATING my dear Sister, you are only destroying yourself physically and most especially spiritually. GOD bless you.

  2. Desist from whatever runs that you are doing and concentrate on a particular guy since he loves you and you also love him,have you discussed about him not giving you money or you are just assuming that he is stingy.How do you describe stinginess and yet he left the expensive gifts he bought for you,you better apologise and stop the waywardness.


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