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My Boyfriend Has Not Called Me For Days: Is He Trying To Break Up With Me?


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My Boyfriend Has Not Called Me For Days: Is He Trying To Break Up With Me?

Good Day,

I need your advise on this. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year plus…but we are having issues and its getting quite heated that we have not spoken to each other for almost one week. I am beginning to think that we should call it off. I love him so much, he is nice and caring but he is doing something I consider a deal breaker for me.

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So, my boyfriend is into real estate and investment. He is still coming up though. So, he manages investment for people and does real estate sales and consulting as well. You see, real estate business, you have to maintain a network of the kind of people that have money to invest in real estate.

In this Lagos, alot of rich women, single women or even married rich women love to do business with young men who not only service their business but they seek s8xual favors in return. I noticed my boyfriend has alot of female clients and they seem quite friendly with him….even flirty with him.

When I first noticed it, I called him out and he explained to me that he does not go beyond flirting, that its part of business PR. I told him I dont like it but he said its nothing that he ever goes beyond flirty comments. So, I tried my best to remove my eyes from his business.

But last month, a particular lady started calling him at odd hours, almost everyday. I ignored the calls. But I became concerned when he would not take her calls in front of me. I asked him why…he said nothing. I became upset and accused him of doing something he knows is wrong. He said its a big project for him and he wants to keep it a secret cos he wants to surprise me when he makes the huge profit from the deal.

But when he was not looking, I got really curios and took his phone. Read his chats with the mystery business caller. Indeed, it was a woman….not just any woman…his ex girlfriend. True, they were talking business but she was also telling him stuff like she misses him …how he makes her orgasm and he must give her own cut of the business after by making her ‘feel good’.

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By feel good…meaning have s*x with her so she can experience the orgasm that she has missed so much. And my boyfriend replied…no qualms baby. Just make sure the man makes payment. And alot of plenty dirty talks between them. I also read a few other chats with other women. All of them similar to the one he has with his ex.

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The only difference was they were not being explicit …just them using love tones like baby girl,my love,etc. I felt so angry and I confronted my boyfriend. He was upset instantly when he found out I checked his phones. He said I had no right and if I have to be sneaking behind him to check his phone…that maybe we shouldn’t be together.

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That felt like he was flipping things on me: instead of addressing the issue of his ex and him…he is making it look like I am the one with the issue of lack of trust. I told him that I may not trust him if he is planning to go and give his ex an orgasm. He said they were just playing…that she talks like that but that she is married and will not cheat on her husband….that if I doubt him…I can call the ex and she will tell me its all joke.

How will I know that the ex will not truly do as she said….married or not? How will I know if she is lying if she says they are joking? We quarreled and argued badly that day and I left in anger. I expected him to call me to apologize and he never did. I have waited for days and he has not said anything. I feel like calling him to make up but I feel so hurt….

I really do not want to break up cos I love and miss him but if this is the type of business he is involved in…I do not know if I can live with continuous heart attack. Please advise me. I really miss him and if we don’t make up soon…I feel this maybe over for us.

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Am I over reacting? Usually when we have a fight or argument…he calls me to make up but he hasnt called ….maybe he is trying t break up with me? Should I call him?….but ss this this whole thing just truly business or is there more to this kind of lifestyle my boyfriend has? Post and advise please.




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My Boyfriend Has Not Called Me For Days: Is He Trying To Break Up With Me?
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  1. Hello Sister. I wonder why we like trusting people, do you know what he has been doing in your absence, pls love yourself sister, dishonest people will always want to change the topic and make you look like the guilty one. You said this “do not know if I can live with continuous heart attack”, you need to know the sister, you can’t trust people, it’s not right to trust people, it’s in the bible not to trust people, love yourself so much that even if on your wedding day the man says he is not marrying you, you just laugh it off like a small thing, LOVE yourself,your happiness is in your hands my dear sister. Pls move on but I must warn you if you have been having sex with your boyfriend, pls STOP IT, I mean STOP FORNICATING sister. I love you. GOD bless you.

  2. Are you still asking if you should break up or call it quit when the handwriting is written boldly on the wall. You better run from such a person who cannot even apologise when he is wrong, you can’t cope with this kind of his business oooo. You better leave him alone,the guy sef no send you one bit that is why he hasn’t called you. You better begin to love yourself, get a good job,work and make your money,do not depend on whatever any man wants to give to you,if he gives you,well it is a plus ,you know why ?So that their bad attitude and arrogance won’t get to you easily. It is well with you my sister,for me I do not see any relationship or friendship here oooo,he doesn’t even love you.

  3. I don’t know why people are quick to advice someone to break up… If he doesn’t call you. You call him. At least try to reach out to him three times. If he doesn’t respond properly before you would accept that he isn’t interested again.

    If you love someone. Give some benefit of doubt. You guys should talk it through. Caution him on it. He would probably apologize if he loves you too.

    You guys should fight for each other if there is love between and not jus give up. You should also stop the mind games. Not cool.

    If you call him. You won’t die. There are only two things involved. Either he comes to his senses or he doesn’t. By then you know you tried. You can now move on.


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