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Slowly Going Out Of Courage And Strength. Lady Cries For Help!


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Slowly Going Out Of Courage And Strength. Lady Cries For Help!


Good day sister,

may God bless you people with your good works, pls ma’a help me post and hid  my identity.  Am here with a prayer request,which I want every member of this group to drop a prayer for me,as I am typing now my heart is full of pains and agony,frustrations all over me my pillow is often wet with tears,to the extent gamalin 20 is all I think of, but anytime I thought of my poor son who is growing without his father by our side I feels bad and cry the more because I finds it difficult to commit suicide but I am slowly going out of courage and strength, because the dad died few month he was put to birth,and my parent and two sisters also died one after the other,isn’t this world too cruel for taking everyone I can go to when I am pain?

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not to even talk of grandparents, and even my son’s grand mother too ill  after the dead of her son and died right before my very two eyes cause I was the one taking care of her when she was sick.and now getting a job has become too difficult for me what to eat has becomes a bone in my neck and not that I am selecting jobs any amount and any job that can put food on my table I will be willing to do it,so my question here is that,is there anyone who had gone through this and survive and is living comfortably today?despise all this tragedy?

I finds it difficult to feed our self can’t take  care of my self not to talk of my son,I stayed sometimes for a whole day without food to eat,even as I am typing even a grain of food I do not have in our room,I use to sometimes send him to peoples house to if he can get something to eat,when the boy realize I don’t eat sometimes he went out gathering all this soft drinks rubbers and get akara and yam for me,when I ask how he got the money he now told me I couldn’t control my tears that time,please nobody should pass without asking God to have mercy on me and use the blood of Jesus to wash my sins in which ever way I, my parent ,late husband or grandparents have gone wrong and bless me with a job,I don’t mind the kind of job,so far it will put food on my table and the baby,

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I am an NCE graduate and I also have my result at hand I have been trying to see if I can get one but all to no avail,if I get there they will tell me new workers had been taking already.

I am just too tired suicide is what my keeps telling me to do help me with prayers for that evil thought to stay away from me cause my mind is getting weaker day by day, nothing to start up something no one want to borrow me money to start even a small business,I don’t know why every one I can run to for help chose to be taking by dead,they chose to bring me to the world and also decided to live me all by self,I need you people prayers pls,and if there’s anyone one around kaduna state who has any job for me,you can do well by helping me with it,you can also drop your number on the comments box and I promise when ever  get to recharge I will do well by calling.

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sorry for the long post,and ma’a pls notify me when posted so I can at the comments section thank you.

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  1. Dear Sister. Pls stop that evil thought. Speak words of Faith to yourself, like I am blessed, I am beautiful, I succeed, there kind of words lift you up. Pls forget suicide. Jzhane, pls look after this lady. Listen to radio stations, Im sure you will get some help, pls be strong, you are much stronger than you think. GOD bless you.


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