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How I Got Trapped In An Illicit Affair After Arguing About The G-Spot -Pls Advise


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How I Got Trapped In An Illicit Affair After Arguing About The G-Spot -Pls Advise

I would like to remain anonymous. This is not how I planned my life to be but my life is at a very complicated state and I need help because I am living a guilt filled life.  I feel this guilt will overcome me and ruin my chance of being happy in my marriage. I just need some clear part to follow to come out of this mess.

I am 29 years old and I just got married three months ago. But my problem is that I am having an inappropriate relationship with my colleague at work and I do not know how to stop before it ruins everything. My colleague at work and I have worked in the same company for three years now.Lets call him T.

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T and I are executives in a Adverts and PR company. Its been fun working in this place. We have been in the same department since and we have never had any issues. He is a good looking guy and ladies liked him alot but he is also very decent. He was faithful to his fiancé and we all attended their wedding two years ago.

T and I are just good office friends…nothing more. He is very much aware when I started dating my husband and got engaged and he was nothing short of happy for me. Five months ago, we had a business pitch in Port Harcourt and the MD sent me and T to go close out the pitch. We travelled to PH together and handled the business together. All went well.

T then told me that he grew up in PH and he was going to see a few of his friends since he was in town. He asked me to come along and since I was not doing anything…I decided to go with him cos its better than staying in the hotel alone doing nothing. We went out to a spot in PH…his old friends were there …we had drinks…just hanging out and gisting and catching cruise you know.

The discussion went from politics to business to relationships and that was how somehow the gist ended around whether the is actually a G spot in every woman’s Vagina. Some of the guys argued that there is nothing like that. Me, I was curious cos I have never experienced anything like that. I said there is nothing like G spot. We argued about it and I said it was all fiction.

T argued and said its because I have not met a man that can make love properly to me. T and his friends boasted that men from the South South rejoin are experts in making a woman orgasm and feel high bouts of pleasure during intercourse. T started boasting about his s8xual prowess…he said he can take any woman from any man he desire after sleeping with them…everyone was laughing and high. It was all alcohol and buzz and gist. We left his friends late, around 11pm and took an uber back to the hotel. We were both tipsy or even slightly drunk. All that buzz and s*x talk was making me crazy horny too.

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I went back to my room but T called me to come watch a movie on his laptop. He said he wanted me to see some action on the movie that will prove to me that there is such a thing as G spot. He even joked and laughed saying after watching the movie, that I will be ready for my wedding night which was actually barely two months away.

We watched the movie together….the movie had intense erotic scenes and T was touching me and fingering me. I knew I should have resisted but the movie, the alcohol, the s*x tal with his friends had messed up my head. T did a number on me that day. I finally discovered I had a G spot…I orgasmed like 3 times that night. My life changed.

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The next day…the guilt that consumed me was fire. I was engaged to be married in two month…T was married with a six month old baby. We promised to keep the secret cos we both did not want to break up our relationships. Back to work…I tried to get back working with T like nothing happened.

I threw myself into planning my wedding too. But I could no longer look T in the eyes anymore like before. He too felt uncomfortable around me. A week to my wedding, T came to my desk and said we need to talk. We went to the canteen to have lunch together and he poured his soul out.

T said he has not been the same since the s8x with me in PH last month. He said he was always thinking of me and he is running crazy doing that. I told him the same thing. MY body shakes anytime I remember that night and everytime I see T at work…my heart starts beating.

T begged me for one more time before my wedding. Like a hypnotized human being, I said yes.We met at a hotel after work and T did all kinds of dirty things to me. I cried after cos the guilt was just too much to bear. I enjoyed every second with T…I felt a level of pleasure no man has ever made me feel. My whole body felt like an earthquake went threw me. I told T that one of us had to quit our job cos our attraction for one another is out of control.

T agreed and said I should quit cos he has a family to sustain…he needs the job. I was like…ok, I will start looking for a job. After my wedding a week later, my heart started to beat even more cos I was going back to work cos I was yet to find another job yet. The day I went back to work after two weeks,,…I stayed away from T….I tried.

The second day too…I tried….T came by me and said I should meet him in the office bathroom. I said no…he said he was not going to penetrate but just finger me…I told him no. Everyday, he would send me erotic messages….asking me to let him finger me. And every day, I would be fantasizing about him touching me.

After work one day, T and another colleague said they would join me home cos they didn’t come with their cars. We used to drop each other before so I could not refuse. I dropped the other colleague first. Once T saw the guy step out… he brought out his d*ck and I almost lost control of the steering. He asked me to drive to a restaurant close by and I did.

T fingered me and I did the same for him. No penetration and that has happened about 4 times since I been married three months ago. I am so ashamed of myself for this but the only way out is that I resign but what will I tell my husband made me to resign? I need your advise…I know what I am doing is wrong…I know it cos after every time…I am consumed with heavy guilt.

What should I do please? What excuse will I give for resigning? My husband and I need the job…its not like his job pays very heavy…but if I keep working here…I will never be able to control myself around T…even T is worried…he says his feelings for me is beginning to affect his marriage…that its me he always thinking of…

For the sake of our spouses…we are both married and love our spouses…..see how we are both having an illicit affair because T knows how to get to my G-spot and keep me stupid anytime he touches me…please help us with advise…this is too complicated and we both cant help ourselves….




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How I Got Trapped In An Illicit Affair After Arguing About The G-Spot -Pls Advise
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  1. Let that job as soon as possible before this boomerangs and everybody finds out your secret. In the real sense, there is no secret, to you it is a secret but I am sure some people who have known. Leave that job, delete all forms of contact with him. Then work on your marriage, improve you sexual relationship with your husband so he can make you orgasm. Focus on your marriage and make it work. It will take a lot of efforts but you can.

  2. The problem u have is dat
    u can’t control ur feelings,u have allowed T to take over ur emotions since the day u v told him u feel d same to him,as a lady u didn’t confess how u feel for a man DAT u know ur not in a relationship with,DAT man is using u internally bcos he knows u nv feel like dat b4 during sex. U can still hold on to u job DAT is if u can control ur emotions feelings for dis guys .. Now u need to work on ur marriage as well give u hubby attention n communicate more with DAT u can easily forget mr T,let u hubby know d type of sex u enjoy n u can also help him improve his sexual … U need to be stronger to keep ur marriage going as well as ur job ..if u can key in to dis advice u can over come dis guy.,give this guy attitudes so dat he too will knows what happened bwt u guys was just a mistake

  3. Hmmmmm…. Please quit that illicit relationship, your marriage is young and this is the time you & your spouse should explore yourselves.

    Let your man know the area that moves you most, always have a sex discussion after sex.

    Lastly, seek for God’s forgiveness and never go back to it….


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