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Help! Do I Remain 100% Faithful To My fiance Abroad? My Best Friend advise Otherwise


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Help! Do I Remain 100% Faithful To My fiance Abroad? My Best Friend advise Otherwise


Plz sir am sorry for disturbing u.  help me to post to the group and notify me when u post pls.

Good afternoon everyone,

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plz I have a serious issues here.  I have a guy he doesn’t base in Nigeria but I know him very well before he left Nigeria but he never makes his intentions clears to me till Last year,  he opened up and said he wants to marry me, am even very close to his brother we are friends because he is my department members in church.

Since this guy opened up to me about marriage he has been so helpful  lemme  just use d word that he is the God am seeing on this earth,  he gave my life meaning,  he never allow me to lack,  he brought out d strong woman in me,  he pushed me to achieve my dreams , he paid close to 100k for me to be a boss of my own,  so with all this I now decided to stay away from any guy,  like I don’t have feelings for any man if not him, this relationship has been ongoing for close to a year.

So my mine problem is what my friend said to me today,  she was like how will I be punishing my self waiting for him,  that I should get a guy here in Nigeria that am not helping my self by being 100% faithful to him,  plz I really need advice oo to know if am doing the right thing,  because if i decide to get a guy here believe me  I won’t think of having s*x with him because I have made up my mind that no more s3x  till marriage  even this my guy outside knows about it and he is ready to wait till he pays everything.

Sorry for the long post

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  1. Somethings you don’t need advice from people, you either use your head and do what is right or you do what is wrong.

    The ball is in your court but know that there are consequences for every action.

  2. That you friend gave you a wrong advice. Honesty and faithfulness are virtues that most people lack, these days people are just greedy and covetous. I don’t know if that guy is seeing another girl overseas, but the thing is you just do what is right always. And it’s good you decided no sex until marriage, fornication is evil. I wish you the best Sister. GOD bless you.

  3. Remain faithful to him and in being faithful tell him to come pay your bride price asap,for me I do not trust all these abroad husbands because of the many experiences ladies have experienced. So tell him to be fast about anything he is doing concerning marriage. Dp not listen to that your friend oooo,I wish you all the best.


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