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Help! She Is Distraught. Caught Her Husband In The Act With Her Own Mother.


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Help! She Is Distraught. Caught Her Husband In The Act With Her Own Mother.


Please I need you guys mature advice for a newly married young lady .

This girl just gave birth and the experience was too painful . Her passage was so small for the baby so she had severe  tear that needed at least a month to heal very well after giving birth to a baby boy. But just two weeks after the birth of her baby , the husband started demanding for s3x and she explained politely that she can not for now that she is still not in her right element and the wound is still not healed properly.

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Within the third week ,he started ranting and complaining very strongly , and warning he will have to go outside for s3x.

The mother in-law who just arrived to their home because of the new born baby had to keep begging him to have patience.

Then every  night the young mother started noticing that the husband will leave their room and go out and come back some few minutes.

So she started wandering what he keep going out of the room every night to do .

One day ,at night he went out of bed and out of the room as usual, so she waited a few minutes and tip toed to the kitchen ,the other rooms but never saw her husband .

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And just by instinct she tip toed to her mum,s room only to see her husband on top of her mum .

She quietly went back to their room and pretended to be sleeping and the husband latter came back into the room and went back to bed.

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Please what do you advice this young newly married girl to do .

Please this is not fiction! True story. Happened few days ago.

From: Marriage Seminar

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  1. Your mother is a disgrace to motherhood, she needs to leave that house this minute. For your husband, just hand him over to God,keep being a good wife,treat him well. But like seriously, this is not easy to deal with oooo,haba! Some men sha,please you have to be strong for yourself and your new born,may the lord uphold you in a time like this.

  2. This one strong gannnnnn, your mother is a big disgrace to motherhood and your husband a big disgrace to fatherhood. Report the matter to your family and let a family meeting be called Asap. This is an abomination don’t cover this evil act.

    • Hmm mm… I think I support @ princess ella suggestion .what an abmination so u man can e even hold body just for a month.. DAT is d reason s1 needs to marry an understanding man ,DAT man is an heartless human being. Just take heart dear I feel ur pain ,just be stronger for urself n d baby


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