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Don’t call love what it’s not, genuine love will not force you to do what will make you cry later.

God is the author of love, any relationship that can make you go against the principle of God is not built on love.

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The foundation of such toxic relationship is lust, attraction, feelings, money, status and so on.

Experience from the past has shown that relationships built on feelings, assumption, s3x always end in tears.


Somebody pressurizing you for s3x doesn’t love you, he/she just want to use you to satisfy his/her urge, infact it is expedient you end such relationship because this person doesn’t need a relationship, what he or she need is grace to overcome lust.

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It is very obvious that this set of people are in lust not in love.

Don’t be misguided this season, no matter what, you are not married until you are officially and legally married.

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If the fellow can’t wait, let him or her go.

There is nothing to be pressured about, don’t be deceived, no one can complete you, only God can satisfy your soul relationship is not a cure for loneliness, loneliness is a state of mind, you can still be lonely in the midst of people.

There is more to love than all these Nollywood fantasies.

Your happiness depends on you.

Surrender all to Jesus.

Move closer to God,

Be more committed to the things of God

You can only draw the kind of joy, happiness and satisfaction you seek from God, not from boyfriend, girlfriend, s3x, money.

It can only come from above


The only place that carries the fullness of joy is the presence of God.

See, there is more to live than relationship and there is more to love than s3x,

Get things right first.

Work with God.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…

Seek his righteousness, don’t bend this standard.

S3xual purity is not old school.

S3xual immorality is poisonous, it’s capable of draining and choking your life.

After marriage, you will still do valentine and catch all the fun you want to catch at zero cost.

The standard of God is unbendable till eternity.

The Bible says “The foundation of the lord standeth sure, having this seal, God knows who are his, let everyone calling upon the name of the lord depart from iniquity”

Depart from iniquity, flee immorality, till eternity, the standard is not negotiable.


No s3x till marriage, no kiss, no form of touch till marriage.


Don’t abuse love this season.

s3x is never a prove of love.

Sister, don’t be deceived.

Brother, don’t let devil manipulate your life.


This standard of no s3x till marriage is still unbendable till eternity, in case you’ve made mistake in the past, that should not be the license to continue in sin, what you have is more than what you’ve lost, grace is available if you will genuinely repent and come to Jesus.

Embrace the standard of God today!

Say no to s3xual immorality.


Be sensitive and flee every appearance of evil as God will be helping you.


Article by: Kingdom writer

Photo Credit: Cutewallpaper.org




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