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I Don’t Love Him Anymore! Lady Laments After Husband Physically Abused Her & Their Son


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I Don’t Love Him Anymore! Lady Laments After Husband Physically Abused Her & Their Son



Good day everyone I’m in need of your advise please.

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I am married to this man, we’ve been together for 15 years.

When we 1st met we had nothing like no money, no permanent jobs we just had each other and we were always supporting each other’s needs with the little cash that we had. God blessed us with a son in 2009, I named him Dawn and indeed our finances began to change for the better in 2014 and 2018 we were blessed with 2 daughters again.

But things started to change in 2018 when I was pregnant we were always fighting, I thought it’s bcoz of the pregnancy but the fights never ended even after giving birth. He became abusive physically he would beat me up and strangle me when ever we have an argument, the matter escalated to our son he would do the same to him, he would hit him against the walls and use anything infront of him and he said he is disciplining him.

I decided to end things and left the house with the kids, it’s been 2 months now he is asking for forgiveness and he wants us to move back home but the problem is that I don’t love him anymore. He even went to church for the 1st time in 15 years and promised in front of the pastor’s that he will never hurt us again they asked me to forgive him and I have but the love is gone how can I stay with man that I don’t love anymore

pls help. I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Chaiii,the love you once shared with him is no more. This is tough, why not give him one last chance for the sake of your children. Please find a way to forgive him and go back to him. It is well with you

  2. Pls be happy irrespective of your husband. Happiness is a decision. Choose to be happy, I don’t mean see another man…no no no. Forgive him. GOD bless you Sister.


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