HomeAdviceI Need Urgent Help! My Home Is Tearing Apart.

I Need Urgent Help! My Home Is Tearing Apart.


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I Need Urgent Help! My Home Is Tearing Apart.


Please Let’s advise this Woman….

I need urgent help! My home is tearing apart. Last week, I don’t know what came over me. I Picked my husband phone where he put it and checked his messages. I got a clue of him carrying a side chick and saved her number.

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I got her Facebook account, connected with her and her husband and then sent him messages telling him to Warn his wife to leave my husband. He told me I am a liar and I sent all the proof I saved from my husband phone to him😭.

Then after that day I noticed My husband did not come home on Monday and Tuesday and did not pick my call either. I told his family and they reached out to him. He came home last night and announced to me that the husband of the lady I reported sent her out of his house and he has no choice than to secure a place for her. He told me frankly that even though he never planned to marry two wives but if the man refuses to reconcile back with her he would have no choice than to marry her and adopt her only son.

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My marriage would be 15years soon, I have never see my husband this bitter and angry like this. I am in a serious trouble. I don’t even know what to do.

Please I need advice, you can help post to your wall and groups but hide my identity. Please let me know when you post it.

Thank you sir😭

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  1. Hello Sister. You husband is a greedy man, he is stingy. Pls don’t stoop so low to apologise, this is rubbish from him, don’t ever say you are at fault, he is at fault, when a man or woman is caught in this act he or she should apologize, you are not guilty sister. If he insists on doing that, pls leave the house, some men wont learn until the women acts that they can be happy without the man. Pls be strong sister, don’t ever allow him to blame you, I support what you did by telling the side chick’s husband, I totally support it, some ladies will always have eye for another womans husband and will be claiming feminists yet destroying their fellow women’s home. Dear Sister, put yourself together and don’t fret, be yourself and choose to be happy, don’t fight him or argue with him, if he does it just pack and leave the house. Some men are really stupid I must say. All the best. GOD bless you Sister.


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