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On Sexual Purity


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On Sexual Purity


S3xual purity is always a big deal for non-virgins: the s3xually abused, the raped because of the kind of stuffs they have been exposed to in the past but then it is very possible with God

It’s always a kind of wrestling between the old way of life and the new norms.

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In case you are still struggling, don’t give up, going back to your ex after 5month of giving your life to Christ because you still lust after him, is not the way, bro, that devil tempting you to have “last bite” just want to rob you and take you back to your vomit.

You need to first discard that thought of going back, it’s a no go area!

On your journey of becoming s3xually pure after being abused, you need to understand that this is beyond your power, you need God in your equation, you need to cry to God for help and make sure you practice daily Christainity,

I know you are now a believer and you trust God but the thing is, the fact that you declare the word of God with the understanding that “you are the righteousness of God”, doesn’t mean you will stop having s3xual urge, S3xual urge is a kind of feelings everyone have, the difference is the ability to subject and control your desire. Don’t think devil wouldn’t still try to lure you, he will try to take you back to your past.

Those feeling will not just stop in a day, it will not just happen, you have to continually renew your mind, there are times you can still find yourself in midst of ungodly thought but then don’t feel condemned, rise up again and keep renewing your mind with prayer and the word of God.

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Trust God and be determined that no matter the fiery dart devil throw at you, you will still not go back to your vomit.

Prayerfully and deliberately insist not to go back, try your best to resist as God will be helping you.

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Totally detach yourself from your partner in sin: the guy or the girl, don’t have intimate friend with the opposite s3x, guide your heart, move with friends that support purity.

Reach out to persons who are spiritual, persons that can guide you.

S3xual purity is not what you attain on the platter of gold, it requires carefulness.

Even as a virgin you still have to keep working and walking to ensure you are not contaminated, it is a continuous process.


You don’t stop at any moment, you keep guiding your eyes against romantic movie, or story that can trigger s3x, you will have to keep fleeing from every appearance of evil even as you pray.

Whether virgin or non-virgin, s3xual purity is a possibility, grace is available.


S3xual purity is not old version, it is the will of God that we remain s3xually pure as a single person, and even after marriage: cling to your spouse only.

Don’t yield to temptation, it’s not easy right?

I understand but then, emotion can be tamed, you should be the lord of your own desire.

You should be able to control your desire as God will be helping you.

You can do it!

With God all things are possible!

Grace is available!

May God strengthen you.


Article by: Kingdom writer




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