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How Do I Handle The Pressure From My Mum, To Marry Someone Else?


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How Do I Handle The Pressure From My Mum, To Marry Someone Else?



Goodevening Ma,

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how’re you doing today? I’m an active member of this great group. Pls help post for me and remember to conceal my identity. I’m a young lady of 25years old. Sorry for the long post I came from a family where everybody was given only National diploma (ND) and if you feel to further you train yourself. After my IT I saved up some money do my clearance and purchased HND form with faith because I wanted to break the record of non graduate in my family.

I started working just to pay my fees but I found out I was seriously lagging behind and my boss don’t entertain excuses. At a point I decided to meet him and explain my plight to him which he told me to my face that he can train me in school and take care of me if I accept to lay with him and I bluntly refused, I resigned (he’s a married man) I started facing lots of challenges, I couldn’t afford any fee and my parents don’t have which I know because I have little siblings.

I met this handsome, hardworking and intelligent guy (Msc holder) he loves me so much and I love him too. When I explained everything to him, he Decided to carry my cross, he bought direct entry form for me to University saying he wants me to get Bsc which I obliged. Now I’m in my finals, he has been the one taking care of me and paying my bills single handedly. He wanted to go see my people last year but Covid spoilt everything for us. My mum is in my neck, she wants me to settle down, saying all my mates are married.

My Fiance is having problem in his business and we’ve been praying for everything to get well. He’s on serious debts now and he’s going crazy on how to clear those bills. My project is almost 90k, his rent is 250k( one bedroom flat apartment) his rent will expire very soon mine has been cleared on January plus other minor bills. His business is slow, he Decided to register the Corolla he’s driving for Uber in order to boost his business because I told him not to sell his car or any of his acquired landed property.

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I have 217,500 in my savings account from the business he opened for me. My plan is to assist use the money and buy some of our wedding stuffs. Should I assist him with the money or should I use it and clear my debts in school? My second concern is my mum who’s pressurizing me to marry, do you think he’ll make money from this Uber business and marry me this year as he said? I’m no longer getting younger. our relationship is 2years+ already. I love my guy so much, he’s an angel in disguise.

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He has proven to me that love is really sacrificial. He has great vision and he has my interest at heart. I can’t afford to loose him because of my mum. How do I handle my mum bikonu? She no longer talks to me because of my guy, saying I’m still with him because he’s training me in school but it’s not true, I genuinely love this guy. Pls help me pray for my fiance to bounce back, I want to settle down this year as we planned. It’s my earnest desire. he’s facing financial problem now. I’m praying for him also. Thank you so much God bless you all.

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  1. You can still sort out your project from the money you have and then give him the rest to either sort out the rent or do some other things,atleast you can still continue with the business and be making some money from it,do not entertain any pressure from your mum,you are still very young oooo,I mean you are just 25. Now, have you asked yourself this question? Are you really ready for marriage? Can you handle the good and bad in marriage? You need to stand by your man and encourage him,support him and be there for him,if he doesnt marry you this year,he will still marry you next year,so why the rush? You better don’t displease yourself to please any family member. God bless you sis

  2. Ungrateful Mom.. Pathetic.
    If I were the man, I will let go of the relations not because I don’t want or love you, but my disgust to ungrateful inlaw (your Mom).

    My thought.. Stand by your man just as he did for you. STAND FIRM. MARRIAGE WILL HAPPEN EVEN IF NOT THESE YEAR.


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