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I Am Pregnant For My Brother-In-Law Who Been Blackmailing Me For S3x, After He Caught Me….

I Am Pregnant For My Brother-In-Law Who Been Blackmailing Me For S3x, After He Caught Me….



My name is Rita I’m from Abia state, my marriage is on fire. I got married to my husband not beacuse I love him, but because he was ready to marry me.

And i have always been so desperate to flaunt my wedding pic online just my friends did.

Before this I have a boyfriend we date for six years before my husband propose to me.

After marriage me and my ex boyfriend we have been having an affair for years now,

Until one day my husband trvals as usual he spend over 3 months there to me it’s really an amazing opportunity to enjoy with my ex boyfriend which I love so much l.

One faithful my boyfriend came to my matrimonial home , we had enough and then decided to go out for shopping which I foot the bill, unknowingly to me, that my husband’s kid brother has returned from school and decided to visit us , and he got the house before us , and went to his apartment.

When we return home, knowing fully well that the house is free, so we decided to have s*x again this time in the sitting room,

So this Young Man came to exchange pleasantry with me , so while he was coming down and he knew his brother in not at home, he noticed strenge voice , then he stood there and watched all we did and decided to video us 😭😭

Now he is using the video to blackmail me, and as such he has been having his way in me anytime he feels like 😭😭😭

Now I’m pregnant for him 😭

Pls I need your advice 😭😭

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  1. Chia i read stories and am lost for words to advise women oooo we need to buckle up oooo which kind indiscipline be all this ones dont we think of consequences for our actions at all there is no advise given that will be easy u need a renewed mind set u said u don’t love your husband but u want to keep the marriage i don’t understand just pray for complete change n release from soul ties then tell ur husband n plead for forgiveness stop all this sex here n there if u r truly sorry God will intervene.peace

  2. You said you didn’t marry your husband cos you love him, also you said your husband travelled for three months, which is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY which you ENJOY SO MUCH, you is a very greedy and wicked lady I must, you are not sorry at all, you are not at all, when people get caught is when they say that they are sorry which is a lie, you only want out advise cos you have been caught, your ex boyfriend are only destroying yourselves, that ex has murder charge on him already, if you don’t know know now that anyone that sleeps with another man’s wife is a murderer. This is why many people don’t want to marry these days, disloyal people, greedy people, unfaithful people, you spend on that your foolish ex boyfriend with your husband’s money, money you can use for better things,honestly people like you should be avoided in marriages, infidelity disgusts me so much. If you like yourself, tell him everything cos the video is in his brother’s hand, so when your husband comes, tell him all. But I doubt you have stopped seeing that foolish ex,I doubt it. Stop adultery Sister. Death can come anytime. GOD bless you Sister.

  3. That’s y I said many women re not ready for marriage , they just want a wedding to make their friends and social media friends jealous . Getting married to someone u don’t love and having sex with your ex right inside your husband house .ok . Wait for the consequences

  4. You mean you are pregnant for your brother in-law,end of marriage na,afterall you don’t have any love for him from the beginning, so it is better you leave him alone and look for the person you love. First,tell your husband everything, I mean everything, if he forgives you fine,if he doesn’t then get ready to move out from that house. You have already created hatred,enmity between two brothers already.As for the baby, you dare not terminate. Go well

  5. I think you should stop deceiving yourself and quit the marriage. After all you have been sleeping with both your ex boyfriend and your brother in law and you call yourself a wife! Forget the marriage and go and be with your ex whom you love so much. You can do whatever you so desire with the child. I really pity the child and the man that married you.

  6. On the other hand confess to your husband, he may accept the child as it belongs to his brother but if I will be Frank with you, it is going to be tough.


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